October 29th: TMHPR Pupdate!

So, what happens when a photographer goes to the Adoption Center to visit the new puppies?
You get a blog full of adorable Mama Emilia and puppy photos.
As a note, Emilia came to us last Thursday night very pregnant from a rural area near Sulphur Springs, TX.  With the work of many who love animals and social media, Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) was able to take her in before 10 inches of rain from Hurricane Patricia moved into the area.
On Wednesday morning, sweet Emilia gave birth to 5 babies in a safe, warm and dry place, at the TMHPR Adoption Center.  By the 2nd day of life, Emilia is learning that she can leave her babies to eat, potty and greet volunteers without fear that her babies will be hurt.  And we are finding that she is a fabulous mother.
Enjoy the photos and share the smiles with someone you know, by sharing the Facebook Post or the link to our blog!  

Checking them, cleaning them and making them comfy.
Emilia is just amazing.  She is a true beauty.

Now, you can’t have a bad day after you see those sweet babies and sweet Mama!

For more about TMHPR, please visit our website www.takemehomepetrescue.com

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