October 27th: TMHPR Pupdate Blog

It seems like we are saying “Thank You” so much!
However, we do not know any other way to show our appreciation to those who help support Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  We continue to be amazed at the amount of support we received daily from our donors, supporters and contributors.
Hoping this blog continues to relay the gratitude we have for all who help TMHPR.  And we have so many ways talents can be used to help us.  What is your talent?
Cowboy is so thankful for each and every bit of puppy food that has been sent to the Adoption Center.
He looks much happier now that he is safe, warm and full in a Foster Home.
Fitzroy is so very grateful for his new leash and harness set.  This boy loves leash training.
And this combination has been the best we have found for him.
Your donations help our dogs become successful.
As a side note, you may remember that Fitzroy came to us early in the year with over
 30 puncture wounds in his back from a large animal attack.  After the infection healed,
 he was left with a bare patch on his back.  We are working to have as much of the hair grow back
 as possible with the introduction of Coconut Oil on the area daily.  This does not slow our boy down.
 He has learned to play with big dogs without fear.  He is very active and is in need of a Foster
 Home or Forever Home.  Here are additional blogs about this fabulous boy who is full of love.

Fitzroy – Current Comic Adventures
Fitzroy – Circle Star 30 – Day Training
Fitzroy – Is a Ham
Fitzroy – Returns the Love

This guy is thankful that his Mama has finally found her Forever Home.
Who is he??
You will remember him as “Tucker”, now Teddy!  He looks just like his Mama Marianne.
Her Adoption Story can be found here on our Public Facebook Page.
Pauli (part of our Brew Crew litter) is thankful that TMHPR was able to save her
 and her four sisters on North Texas Giving Day.
This litter of five had only hours left in the shelter. 
Vixen (also a Brew Crew puppy) is thankful for her big brother foster dogs in her home.
They have taught her so much.  Like that toys are very cool & you should keep them close.
And our young supporters simply amaze us . . . and new intake, Ringo.
She had her 8th Birthday Party and asked attendees to bring gifts for the dogs and cats at TMHPR.
What a giving spirit at such a young age!
Ringo felt lots of puppy kisses were deserving.
On a side note, Ringo is looking for a Foster Home.  He is a cool, chill and very loving dog.
He just needs TIME as he waits for his Forever Home.  The Adoption Center is no place to wait.
Lastly, we leave you with Emilia.  She is thankful that Volunteer and Supporter, Nancy came to visit her yesterday.
Nancy donated 2 hours of her time sitting with Emilia and rubbing her very pregnant belly.
They both enjoyed the time in the dimly lit room with soothing music.
Nancy was heard mentioning bringing her pillow later in the week for a nice nap with Emilia, when she come back.
Thank you to EVERYONE who helps TMHPR in some sort of way.  We ALL appreciate it.

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