October 26th: TMHPR Pupdate

Happy Monday night!!
You made it through!  The weekend is closer!  Well, we (those of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area) have finally had about 48 hours of no rain!!  

I know anyone with a dog or puppy in their home is ecstatic to open the back door again and let them run in the yard.
Becky & Deborah are always smiling and whistling while they work.

OH, YEA, there is still mud . . . . .  But, could you really be upset at that cute face?

So, this photo we received prompted me to play a bit of a game today . . . 

Who is that dog???

(Said in my best “Jane Lynch” voice.)

Hint #1:  She was teeny tiny when we got her.

Hint #2:  She was the last of her litter, so she came to Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) all alone.

If you guessed, Elyssa, then you are correct!!!

This baby is now Scout and is adored by her family.  We are so happy she was given to TMHPR to find her Forever Home.

Have we mentioned that we have THE BEST Volunteers?

Our Adoption Center was in much need of some TLC.  It need a good scrubbing, some touch up paint and a massive cleaning of all the nooks & crannies.

Becky working hard on the floor in the Meet & Greet room.
We may have to begin calling her Cinderella the way she had scrubbed the floors by hand.  🙁
Cathy is always smiling. Even when dusting & cleaning!
Carissa enjoying the opportunity to clean out all of the office supplies!
I wonder if she does this kind of cleaning at home.
Repairing flooring tiles is what Susan excels in.
And, ummmmmm is that Everett sitting?  Not really, I am sure he is working on the caulk gun!

Ummmmmm, Ladies . . . . . . .
I don’t think that was the right can of paint.  HA HA!!
Meanwhile, Hoffman (doesn’t he look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman)
is settling in nicely to his Foster Home.

Pauli shows of her silly side.  The Brew Crew has truly come out of their shells
and learned that humans are pretty cool.  They are all now looking for their Forever Homes.

Foster Brother, Callen shows Pauli that dogs sit on the couch, while humans can find a spot on the floor.
  We heard him say, “No really, Pauli, the humans prefer to sit on the hard floor.
 The couch was purchased for us rescue dogs.”
Chestnut continues to do amazingly at Circle Star.  This is her buddy, Alex.  They are great friends.
Chestnut learning the tunnel.  Chestnut’s foster family misses her so much that they have decided
 to adopt this beautiful girl.  We are so glad she has found her Forever Family.

We will leave you tonight with Lilly and Picasso.  Just additional proof that Callen is correct.
The couches are for the rescue dogs!
Goodnight from all of our dogs at TMHPR!

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