October 25th: TMHPR Pupdate

Amber arrived early after her early morning vet appointment.  2nd round of shots for this girl!
She is now ready to begin leash training with lots of walks.
Check out the Flying Nun ears on her.  She is a beauty.

We had a FABULOUS Meet & Greet Yesterday!!
New volunteers came to help!
Old volunteers we hadn’t seen in a while had time to come and help!
We had a great turn out of fosters, donors and adopters!!

And many from our neighborhood who just finally had the opportunity to drop in and see what TMHPR was all about joined us too.  Two ladies who were in town on business stopped in because they missed their dogs and wanted to love on some pups.  No one went out the door with information about Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR)!!

Here are some photos sharing just a portion of what all went on.

Emilia and I had some snuggles (and a selfie) before the day got crazy.  She was safe in the quiet Isolation Room.
But, she wasn’t isolated from great volunteers & visitors.  Someone was always available to keep her company.
She is all skin and bones, except for that big belly full of squirmy babies!
As I mentioned, Emilia, was not alone most of the day.
We even had a little kid test with one of our volunteer’s sweet boy.
Emilia kept snuggling up to him for kisses.
 And he even managed to get her to eat some more of her food!  We have some of the best “little helpers”.
Ringo joined us for his first Meet & Greet!  He was a huge hit and has a huge smile.
He is a quiet, gentle boy who is looking for a Foster Home.
He is currently in a kennel at the Adoption Center.
Ringo was very popular with our volunteers!
Bella came to see us!  She braved the rain and hung out with us to meet new people and new dogs!
Penelope loved Bella!  But, then Penelope loves everyone.
We have the best donors ever!!  After our pleas for puppy food in the middle of last week,
 we came into this food supply Saturday morning!  It was amazing what was brought to us within 48 hours!
Our young donors are amazing as well.  Emily had her 11th birthday party and collected
 dog and cat donations for TMHPR, instead of birthday presents!!
She then helped us put them all away!!  We love our young donors so much!
This sweet girl brought us a check to help TMHPR!
Here she is with Amber helping collect the funds.
She had a lemonade stand as a fundraiser for our dogs & cats.
Hoffman was delivered to the center by his rescuers.
This boy was found running around a neighborhood after being dumped.
He was fully vetted by these folks & fostered until a rescue
 was ready to take him in.  He is now in a foster home as we look for his Forever Home.
Oh, and the Fed Ex man showed up.  Then a Fed Ex woman.  And then the mailman!!
Not to mention more donors with food donations!!
So thankful to all of the strong arms and young men who were helping unpack
and put it all away!
We put Ziggy to work in the office.  He managed to get some filing done.
We had new folders to make for all of the new dogs in our program!
Then he tried on a few Halloween costumes.
He has to be prepared for the Halloween Meet & Greet next week!
Then he found Barbara’s lap was perfect for resting after all that work.
He is such a character and loves everyone.
And by the end of the day, our pantry was full of puppy food!!
And we hear that more is coming!!  Do you know how good it was to send the Brew Crew
 home with more food for the upcoming weeks!  And we will be using it to fatten Mama Emilia up too!
We caught Tina napping with Vixen & Amber once all of the excitement had settled.

These sisters played so hard with the other puppies that naps were needed.
Teddy, even sent this photo saying goodnight.  He met so many new friends at Meet & Greet.
It was a good day for all of the pups at TMHPR!!

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