October 24th:TMHPR Pupdate

Second day of rain here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, so what do our Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) dogs do?

Yep, lots of napping and cuddling.

Aren’t they cute?
Picasso is so thankful for the BIG bed that was donated on Thursday morning.
Someone dropped of this clean and gently used bed that he just loves!!

Quincy!!  This love bug who was rescued from Amarillo loves to cuddle with his Foster Dad.
This boy will be available for adoption very soon.  Watch for his glamour shots soon!
Aspen (fka Cher) does a lot of napping.  She is growing so fast . . . growing puppies need a lot of sleep.
She is going to look just like her Mama!

Remember Meg (fka Nutmeg, Mama to the Spice Rack), here she is being “tucked in”
on the couch.  Reality, Mom was trying to cover the couch to prevent so much shedding on the couch.  🙂

This boy was working on his commands while he was inside during the rain.
He too looks so much like his Mama.
Sweet Penny (fka Princess) is Mama to Aspen and Mick.  Here she is napping with her
Forever Daddy.  She is doing so well in her Forever Home!  She gets to be a puppy again!

Mattie (fka Oreo) likes to do puzzles that her Forever Mama sets up for her.
She is teaching her foster, Amber that puzzles are a way to keep you out of trouble on rainy days!

Volunteers Relle & BC made sure Mommy-to-Be Emilia had a big comfy bed to lounge on.
She has learned that going outside to potty is okay —- you always get let back in.
Emilia is resting comfortably, eating better and relaxing in her safe space.
Babies won’t be long in coming!!
Oh Zoey . . . .
Zoey found the jar of peanut butter to keep her busy.  I’m guessing her Forever Mom will
 need to add peanut butter to her grocery list now that Zoey was caught with her tongue in the jar!

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