October 23rd: TMHPR Pupdate

Our sweet Emilia went to her first vet visit today.  She is such a good girl.  Just waiting for the vet.

Preliminary vet summary:  She has tape worms, Demodectic mange with a secondary infection.  Snap test says HW- and tick borne disease negative. We are waiting for confirming blood test. She is being treated for the secondary mange infection and an ear infection. 

She weighs 41.8 lbs. Heart and lung sounds are good. An ultra sound was done to see the pups. Can’t tell how many but saw heart beats. Best guess on birth is in the next two weeks. She is reluctant to walk and so gets carried.  🙂

A very wet day here in Richardson.  Hurricane Patricia is bringing so much rain our way.  So, we seemed to have a lot of lounging and sleeping puppy dogs today.

Just need a break in the showers, so everyone can take a potty break!
Look who joined TMHPR today!
Dana brought Ringo into the Adoption Center today.
He came from a ranch/farm out in East Texas where so many are dumped.

Ringo will be decompressing while we get to know this beautiful boy.
We will need a foster for this gorgeous and very smart boy!

One of our newest additions, meet Zyra and her new Foster Mom, Adrian.

Zyra was rescued by Duck Team 6 while one of their volunteers was out feeding street dogs.
They found a willing foster who needed a rescue group.  So, welcome Adrian and Zyra to TMHPR!

Sleeping dogs are the best.  Here is Penny (fka Princess).
She has been having so much fun with her cousin, Nala.
Nala goes home soon.  She will be greatly missed by Penny.

Penny getting a good nap in during the rain.  We love it when our Mamas get fabulous homes.
They go from stressed caregivers fighting for their life and the little lives of their puppies;
to relaxed and loved members of a Forever Family.

Rock ‘n’ Roll puppy Kulfi (fka Keith) is loving his Forever Home.
He is excited to hear that another sibling, Prince also found his home.
He is now dreaming of that Forever Home for Tina.

Does anyone recognize that rear that is in his Forever Mama’s face as they nap?
Yep, that is Major Tom!!  Reports are that this little guy has adjusted to his new home beautifully.
He still sleeps in a bathroom during the day, by choice.  And in a bed during the night.
Gigi (fka Georgia Peach) sent this picture to us today.  With all of the rain, she is staying in to play ball.
She is quite proud of herself as she stole her brother, Sonny’s, ball today.
Such a little lady, NOT!

Just a reminder that we have Meet & Greet tomorrow from 10 am – 2 pm at the Richardson Adoption Center.  Come visit us if you are in the area!

561 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, Texas
In the Shopping Center Behind Fuzzy’s Tacos

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