October 21st: Today at TMHPR

Murphy went for her 2nd set of shots!
She can now leash train by going on walks.
Look at that cute collar!!
Our Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) Volunteers do so much every day to get our dogs/puppies ready for their Forever Homes.  

We want to share with you all of the hard work that goes into these rescue stories.  All of their little (and big) daily accomplishments are just pieces of the puzzle that make up their FABULOUS Rescue Story.


8 Week Old Cowboy went to his 1st vet visit & is ready to go to his new Foster Home.
Cowboy was only a few weeks old when he was found abandoned.
We found a nursing mother who let him join her litter until he was ready to be weened.

We received this photo of Bella feeling very comfy with her foster sister, Abby.
Road trip, anyone?!
Fitzroy went to his 3rd Day of Doggie Daycare at Doggie Wonderland in Plano.
Can you find him?  Upper left corner of the shot.  You will recognize the ears.
Amber (Murphy’s sister) went to dinner with her Foster Mom.
She has not had all of her shots, so she sits in Mom’s lap.
No feet hitting the ground just yet.

This is Mattie (fka Oreo, one of Chestnut’s puppies).
Her Mom is Amber’s Foster Mom.  She is an awesome foster sister to Amber.
She deserved a spot in the blog for all of the big sister love she has given Amber.
Fitzroy always wears himself out at Doggie Daycare.  He is still looking for his Forever Home.
Fitzroy is an active boy, but loves as much as he runs.  This boy has come so far overcoming
his fear of men and large dogs.  By his 3rd day at daycare, he was in with the smaller size dogs.  Go Fitzroy!!

Sweet, young & very pregnant Mama in Sulphur Springs needed help.

She is now safe in the Adoption Center decompressing and preparing to give birth.

Volunteers met her at the center to help clean her up.  Getting rid of the ticks was the first bit of business.
Then lots of love & reassurance from Mark.  And then Rachel provided a much needed bath.
This Mama could rest well last night and know that she was safe.

So much going on!  Tomorrow will bring more fabulous stories!

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