Oct 3rd: Fudgesicle’s Journey

The homeless animals who come into Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) always have a story to tell.  Their journey is a personal one.  One that no one will ever fully know.  They cannot speak their story, but they tell it in the depths of their eyes.  Their scars are the tell-tale signs of the distress experienced along that journey.

Their actions, well that can be the most telling . . . . this is Fudgesicle’s Journey, as we know it.


Not sure where the name came from, but it came along at some point during that journey.  And, somehow it fits her.

She is a silly girl who acts more like a 4 month old puppy than the 1 year old, we believe her to be.  It is like she never grew up.  Wherever she was, wherever she came from, there were never any rules.  Never any boundaries.  Reminds me of the boys in Neverland.

But, she is a precious girl who loves her humans, almost as much as she loves her toys.  But, to understand this possessive love, we have to go back to the beginning.

This is the first time I met Fudge.  Her journey began on a rural road where she had been attacked by dogs.  She stood in the road as the ACO picked her up and hauled her back to the shelter.  That is where I found her, bleeding from her wounds, but still wagging her tail and greeting me at the kennel door.

Her Hero

It didn’t take long for her Hero to arrive and escort her to the vet.  There was no set plan for where this beauty would go from there, but her journey had just taken a turn for the better.


She smiled at the vet.  Somehow they know when they are being helped.  She then went to boarding where she waited her turn at a foster home.  A home where she could learn how great humans could really be.  Oh, and her chance to know what a soft bed, toys and dinner every night feels like.  It makes her smile!

Her Forever Home

Fudgesicle loves her chance to live in a Foster Home.  She has asked for the following in her Forever Home.  This is the perfect way to end her journey.

  • Lots of toys.  Umm, you will notice that she loves having lots of toys around.  Well, she doesn’t like to share.  So, she would love to be an only dog.
  • Someone who is home more than not.  Work from home?  Stay at home to take care of the house and kiddos?  This Blue Lacy look-alike would love to keep you company.  Did you know that the blue-lacy is the official Dog of Texas?
  • Lunch & breaks will need to include fetch or new games of catch.

  • Fudge will love being a part of a family.  She is a silly girl who loves kids who want to run, play and play tug.

If you would love to make this beautiful girl a part of your active family, please visit our website and fill out an no-obligation Adoption Application.  This girl will make such a fun and loyal girl, for a lifetime.

Just know that you will need a collection of tennis balls.

Please help us find this beautiful and sweet girl find her Forever Home.  Her journey will end with a Happy Beginning.

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1 thought on “Oct 3rd: Fudgesicle’s Journey”

  • She is beautiful! Wish I could adopt her and spoil her!! Unfortunately, I’m gone from 7-5 every day. She deserves a loving home!!!

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