Oct. 28th: TMHPR Pupdate Emilia’s Babies are Here…

Okay, so there was much excitement this morning when we found out from our early morning crew that Emilia had already had four puppies during the night!!  We sent our own Australian animal birthing expert & volunteer, Relle, to the Adoption Center in time to be with her as puppy #5 was born.

Mama with 1st four babies.

Tonight she is doing great.  Has been out to potty and is eating & nursing.  Emilia is such a good Mama.  We are all just so excited that this will be the last time.

#5 finally made an appearance.  What a cutie!

Hungry babies!

Too cute!

All cuddled in.  I know she is so happy to have them out of her belly!

OMG!!!  Such itty bitty cuteness!
So much wrinkled skin & long tail.  And a little bitty foot!

Goodnight sweet babies.  Until tomorrow morning.
So glad you are safe, warm and dry!

In other dog news!

Foster Teddy and TMHPR Alum, Dakota were squirrel hunting in the beautiful weather.

Teddy is a super fun little guy who loves to run & play.
Whether with kids or another active dog, Teddy will make a perfect family dog.

Dakota coming in for the attack!  Teddy is not afraid to look her in the eyes!
The chase is on!
Love Bug, Remi going for a walk with his favorite baby, his bunny.
This sweet boy loves his walks in the gorgeous weather.
It is his turn for his Forever Home!  He needs an all female and no children home.
Can you provide a Forever Home for this snuggle bug?
Ringo is headed to the vet tomorrow.  He will be heart worm tested and given additional vaccinations.
This poor boy was covered in fleas and ticks, so we are praying for no tick born illnesses.
But, nothing stops this sweet boy from smiling.
He will be appearing in the Kissing Booth on Saturday during our Halloween Meet & Greet!
Speaking of Halloween . . . . 

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