Oct 26 – Cyrus: From Hole to Home – Pupdate

* Update since this was written:  Cyrus has been to the vet today and it was found that he has been shot numerous times with a pellet gun.  It simply reinforces what this sweet boy has been through while living on the streets.

What a difference a month makes.  Literally, Cyrus went from living in a hole in the ground to living in a home, all in a month’s time.

One simple letter in a word . . . . but one major difference for this amazing dog.


Cyrus’ Story

It all started like so many others, a sad posting on Facebook.  “Dog in a Hole, can someone save this boy from this horrible life in South Dallas?”  While many turn away and cannot look, our very own young rescuer and volunteer, David, advocates for his rescue by TMHPR and physically goes to find him.

This is what he finds . . . . a smiley boy who welcomes David into his world.  Ears up, tail up and a smile on his face.  What a doll!


But, he is dirty, signs of cuts and sores all over his legs.  Ear is fly bitten, just like Hope who came from the same place, before him.  And a pink, irritated and infected skin that shows definite signs of Sarcoptic Mange.  How can humans let this happen?

Cyrus’ eyes are brown on the top and blue on the bottom. They are absolutely GORGEOUS. However, in photos it tends to make him look sad because the light catches only the blue part of the eyes.

Once in the car, signs of his stressful and difficult life show on his face.  Pure exhaustion from sleepless nights due to the flea infestation and constant itching it causes. He also spends his energy running from larger dogs, searching for food and hiding from humans who find him a nuisance.  It has all caught up with him, as he realizes he can relax.  Oh, and the cheese burger he shared with David was pretty great as well.


Adoption Center

TMHPR has the HUGE advantage of having an Adoption Center.  A bricks and mortar building where we can hold our own adoption events, but also house the dogs from the streets where they can decompress.  Due to our supporters, we are able to pay the monthly rent on this building.

When Cyrus came to the center, we documented his journey just physically coming into a building for the first time for everyone live on Facebook.  It took cheese, hot dogs, lots of coaxing and patience.  But, once he walked in, he knew life would be forever changed.

No more hole . . .


Next step, a bath.  The bath awoke the flea infestation.  It was horrible to watch these bugs come to the surface as the dirt began to come off.  Can you imagine how Cyrus felt to have warm water on his body for the first time?  About half way through he realized it began to feel better.

So, for 48 hours, he slept.  He almost didn’t move.  He slept in the same deep sleep that we had seen from Hope.  A melting of his body into the blankets.  A decompression that left him revived and ready to heal and move on to his new life.


After a couple of weeks the boy began to walk with a swagger.  One of confidence and health. He gained weight, his skin lost the pink irritation and he loved all of the volunteers who told him how handsome he was!

And finally his skin was healed enough . . . . he was ready to be neutered and moved to a Foster Home.  A quick snip snip and a microchip implanted under his skin and he was ready for his Freedom Ride to a Foster Home.


And a fabulous Foster Home he has found.  Food, shelter, water and LOVE!!  So much love!  He loves his humans and they love him.  He is learning that a home beats that hole any day.


Next Steps

So, Cyrus has healed from his surgery.  He is still gaining weight, but he is a fabulous furry companion for any family.  He is ready for his next step, his Forever Home.


So, if you are looking for a special guy to share you life, home and more specifically, your couch with . . . . Cyrus wants to meet you.  Are you home more than not?  Can you give him your heart, as he will give you his?  Do you love visiting the dog park?

If the above applies to you or someone you know, then, Cyrus would love to meet you.  Please visit our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  He will be setting up interviews soon!

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