Oct 25 – Fast Friends – Pupdate


Fast Friends is a common phrase to describe two people who meet and it feels as if they have known each other forever.

Nyx & Cowboy (1)They find that their attitudes, interests and love for life all meld nicely and they “just fit”.  This is one way to describe Nyx and Cowboy, two of Take Me Home Pet Rescue’s most recent rescue dogs.



Description:  Beautiful female 4 year old Australian Shepherd.
Her story:  Owner Surrender
Status:  Available for Adoption
Needs:  Active Family; Wants a dog to Integrate into their lives; Another dog in the home



Description:  Adorable 18 month old male Border Collie
Her story:  Stray
Status:  Available for Adoption
Needs:  Active Family; Wants a dog to Integrate into their lives; Another dog in the home

These two beautiful and fun-loving dogs just want a family to love.  Their positive energy, smiles and devotion is going to add so much to some very lucky families.

But, back to the Fast Friends.  These dog park loving canines were hanging out at Meet & Greet when we had the fabulous idea to take them to a nearby tennis court to run off some energy.  And this is what happened.


Well, Nyx knew what she was doing.  She was teaching Cowboy that this is how you fetch a ball.  So, Nyx fetched and Cowboy did some chasing.


Nyx explains that the human loves to throw the ball, so you must go and retrieve it for them. They don’t like to run for the ball, that is our job.  Then they get so happy when we bring it back to them.  Now, you try to herd me when I have the ball, as if I were the cow on that ranch you came from.


Then it was Cowboy’s turn.  Nyx supervised as Cowboy learned to chase the ball down, grab it and run.


Few more times to practice, Cowboy and you will have it down!!  Can’t wait for us to find our Forever Families so we can practice EVERY DAY!

If you know anyone looking for a smart, gorgeous and beyond loyal dog, please share these two with them.  And if you happen to know someone looking for TWO dogs to fill their home, yep, these two would make a great pair.  Energy, compatibility and so very much love —-

Fast Friends . . . . with each other, their humans and other dogs . . . .

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