November 1st: TMHPR Pupdate!

The Halloween photos from our volunteers just keep coming in!
And Ringo has his Glamour Shots!

Jules, dressed as a little devil, is now ready for her Forever Home.
Jules is less than a year old and full of energy.  She would love a home with other dogs for hours of play time.

Tina is a laid back girl at Meet & Greet.  The noise is a bit overwhelming for her.
She is fostered in a home with older dogs and cats!!  She loves her kitty cat buddies!

The Brew Crew sisters were together!!  Amber, Vixen and Pauli were so excited to play and wrestle!
These girls were so scared of human touch when they first came to TMHPR.
Their fosters are doing an amazing job preparing them for their Forever Homes!

Elvis in in the house!!  Oh wait, that’s Hoffman.
He was waiting for his turn in the photo studio for his Glamour Shots.
Penelope is a bundle of smiles and energy.  She ran around in this lobster costume and greeted everyone.
She was certain everyone was at Meet & Greet to see her.  She is a cutie who deserves her Forever Home!

Vixen was so tired from playing with her sisters at Meet & Greet.
She took one last photo with her Foster Mom before she napped.
In non-Halloween news, Ringo had his Glamour Shots taken!  He is an amazing boy who is going to make a family extremely lucky.  He truly showed his personality during this photo shoot.

Ringo is looking for a Foster Home to hang his hat until a Forever Home can be found.  The Adoption Center is no place for a gentleman like him!

And we do have new intakes!  Check our blog this week for more news about these new little guys who have entered the TMHPR program!  We have great things happening at TMHPR!

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