Nov. 9th TMHPR Pupdate

TMHPR is entering a very exciting month!

Starting with . . . .

FOX –  Los Angeles sent out a film crew to record footage of our very own Bella.
That is her foster, Ryan, standing there with her as the crew worked to obtain footage of this beautiful girl.

Our largest fundraiser of the year will happen on Saturday, November 14th at the Richardson Civic Center.  We still have tickets available!  Are you attending?  

For more information, visit our website

And then we have this!!!

So, why were they out filming Bella?
Well, we can’t say just yet.  But, it is going to be BIG!!  It is going to change Bella’s life forever!
And it is going to shine a spotlight on the work TMHPR does every day.
Seriously . . . . think Hollywood BIG!

Speaking of EVERY DAY things . . . 

We have four dogs at the Adoption Center waiting for a Foster Home.  They are waiting and ready for a loving place to call their own, while they wait for their Forever Home.

Baxter is a fun-loving and happy puppy who has done so well since being at TMHPR.
He is about 8 weeks old and has been vetted.
He has one more treatment for his mange (not contagious) and will be neutered at about 14 – 16 weeks.
Do you have room and time to give to Baxter while he waits for his Forever Home?

Ringo (a 16 month old pup) is also looking for a Foster Family.
He is great with older kids and dogs of all sizes, for sure.
He loves to play, but loves to relax even more.  Ringo loves car rides and dining on a patio.
Can you give Ringo a temporary home?

Bandit has his vetting out of the way and is ready to transition to a Foster Home.
This young boy is about three years old and is just a sweetheart.  He was found with a tight wire around his neck.
He needs the opportunity to find out what life inside a home, with a family is all about.
Can you offer this to Bandit?
Fitzroy!  At about 17 months our very own Fitzroy finds himself at the adoption center waiting
 for a more permanent Foster Home.  This boy has a lot of energy, so he spends his days at doggie day care.
But, he would love to spend his evenings in a Foster Home all his own.
This sweet boy gets along with small dogs, kids and adults.
He loves to play, run and lounge when all of that energy is gone.

If you have been contemplating fostering and want to know more about it, please visit our website at and email your questions to

We continue to receive intake requests from individuals, area shelters and other rescue organizations.  We are unable to accept these animals into our program without a committed foster home.  To save more lives, we must have more foster homes.

Puppy Update!

Emilia’s puppies are now 12 days old!  She is a wonderful Mommy and those babies are growing rapidly!  She had a follow-up visit at the vet and he was please with the improvement in her weight and skin already.  She has a few items that will need to be addressed after her babies are weened.

Emilia has such incredible eyes.  Her babies would be so lucky to have such beautiful eyes as hers.

Oh Baby Names!!  We went with the Letter “R” this time.
Ripley was last born and is the only pup who is predominately white.  She is no runt, we assure you.
Riggs is Mama’s mini-me, all black with white on his nose and chin.
Rhett & Roo are twins with the tri-color markings that include white feet.
And Ryder is similar to the twins, but no white feet.
Lastly, we want to give you an update from Leyna.  Her Forever Family sent us the fabulous picture.  She has settled in nicely and loves that her Mom & Dad spend a great deal of time at home with her.  She is a princess in her own castle!

Goodnight from the dogs of Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  Please visit our website for more information about what we do for homeless dogs & cats.

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