Nov 9 – Best Volunteers – Pupdate

I hope we say it enough as an organization, “We Have the Best Volunteers!!”
No matter the ask, no matter the request . . . they step up, for the animals.

Puppy Breath

Currently, we have six puppies at the Adoption Center waiting for loving foster homes.  Those six puppies need lots of interaction and love to help them thrive.  And we have so many ways that volunteers can help.  Hope you enjoy just a few of these photos!

Landry & Dak of the Dallas Cowboy Puppies


Landry is the smallest of the Dallas Cowboy Puppies.  She is a real cuddler.


Dak is a ladies man.  He loves to give kisses!  Both of these babies will be ready for Forever Homes BEFORE Christmas.


Landry is very confident and understands that she is safe, so laying on her back is no problem!


This is Dak’s “Fat Dog Sit”.  He is perfecting it for when he needs to look super cute to snag an Adoptive Family.

The Mountain Puppies

Four of Ande’s Nine puppies have remained at the Adoption Center.  They are waiting for a Foster Home to open up.  Until then, we have had great volunteers spend time with these cuties over the last couple of days.


We had these puppy backpacks donated, so we can take the puppies outside.  It is so very important for the puppies to experience the sun, wind and rain.  And even scary sounds like cars, horns honking or trucks going by.  During this stage those sounds aren’t as scary.

IMG_5755 (1)

We even had a puppy stroller donated for our use.  The zipper won’t close, but it is nothing that a few binder clips won’t fix!

IMG_5761 (1)

Landry and Dak enjoyed cruising around the neighborhood.  These puppies are not fully vaccinated, so their feet can’t touch the ground.  So, these tools are so very important to our volunteers and fosters who have the puppies in their home.



This little girl is GORGEOUS.  She is the only brindle in her litter.  She is a beautiful girl who is the life of the party.  This is one of the only shots we have of her that did not turn out blurry!



Denver is “King of the Mountain”.  This boy was showing off for our volunteers, he loved showing that he could master the BOSU ball.  This is so important to help the puppies gain core strength.  We are also looking for a small wobble board and beam to add to the strength training toys for puppies.



Bear had this volunteer wrapped!  He has the cutest freckles and an old soul.  He spent lots of time in the laps of our volunteers.



Last little pup looking for a foster is Vail.  This adorable girl is so cute!  She is loving the large stuffed animals that we place in our puppy rooms when Mama leaves.  This gives them something big and soft to sleep or nap on.

Quick Medical Update


These sweeties have all been waiting patiently for the heartworm medication to be available again.  These guys are some of our smaller pups, so they all shared a vial of the medication. We heard from Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital today.  All three are doing great, will spend one last night at the hospital and then released tomorrow afternoon.

On to 30 days of bed rest as those nasty heartworms are killed.  Then 30 days later they will be tested again.  Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and Forever Homes are found soon!

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