Nov 8 – Rainy Day Fun – Pupdate

No begging, no pleading,
No sad stories today.
Just simply sharing,
What our puppies did on this here rainy day.

Rainy Day

Snoopy says he will not come out to play.
He prefers to snuggle the dreary day away.

I don’t know where the gift of rhyme came from, but let’s see if I can keep it up . . . .

It’s not a Goat, NOPE!


Traces of a puppy, I’m beginning to see . . .


Wiff his wittle paws, he is able to squeegee,


It’s our cutie, patootie, Henry!!


Not sure how Dr. Suess did all of his rhyming!
Here are some cute videos . . . . no more rhymes!


With a break in the rain, Ladybug found time to enjoy the very large backyard and the rain puddles.  Just like any kid, puppies love splashing in the puddles!

Mountain Puppies

How about some puppy love that is going on at our Adoption Center?
Here is Denver with his siblings Bear and Vail.



We hope everyone stayed dry today.  Well, unless you went out to splash in the puddles!

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