Nov 7 – Faces of Fostering: Part 1- Pupdate

In our last Pupdate, we explained what it means to be a Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) dog foster.  We explained what the rescue provides, in terms of financial support, physical items provided for the dogs and the advice/support that is provided by our fabulous network of fosters and volunteers.

Faces of Fostering 1

We also explained what the foster provides to these animals.  The very important TIME that they need to find a Forever Home.  They provide love and training to help the dog adjust to life in a home, pack and being loved.

But, what does that truly look like?

We wanted to show you what fostering truly looks like – by introducing you to some of our fosters who make it a point to fit fostering into their lives.

Libby & Kennedy

You have, very likely seen photos or posts about two of our newer dogs at TMHPR.  Libby and Kennedy both came from a rural animal shelter just Southeast of Dallas.  The shelter has very little foot traffic and the intake rate is high.

Libby out in the yard at the Balch Springs Animal Shelter

So, combine those stats with the shelter losing 1/2 of their kennels due to plumbing repair and you have a real life & death issue.  Dogs will be eliminated, if space is not made for those incoming dogs. So, TMHPR sent out a public plea for new fosters and other rescues to help.

But, it was a current TMHPR foster home, the one who had Libby, who stepped up to take another.  To save her life.

Kennedy in the Balch Springs Animal Shelter

This family had already opened their home to Libby.  With four dogs of their own, you would think the home is full.

Libby fit in well.  Was happy and smiley with their pack.


And she was waiting for the right home to come along.  She was learning that she could trust humans again.  And that having a pack of friends was pretty awesome.


And she was EASY!  We are talking easy peasy . . . . she just melted into the furniture and made fostering as easy as just feeding another in the pack.  Would adding another upset this balance?  Would there be room in the home?


This is where TMHPR helps our fosters make that decision.  We temperament test the dogs before we accept them into the program. We vet the dogs before they come into your home. Our Operations Manager, Founder and Foster Coordinator all work together to help find a dog to fits that foster family.


So, this fabulous couple said, “Yes”.  Yes to housing Kennedy.  What a difference a week makes.  Once pawing to get out of a cage, now on her back, smiling.


Yes, it does make six dogs in the home.  Six very happy dogs.  Four resident dogs and two who are given the time to wait . . . wait for that Forever Family to find them.


And Kennedy, yep, easy peasy.  She has found her own spot to nap and wait.

Her hair will fill in.  Her scars will cover with that new, longer and luxurious hair.  She will gain weight and become the best dog that she can be.  And then she will be adopted.

And our fosters will open their home to another.  And then another.  The saving continues.


OH, and Kennedy was not the only one saved.  Because of our fosters, TMHPR took in a Mama Chihuhua Mix named Gidget who safely gave birth to six babies in her Foster Home, just days after her Freedom Ride.

And Dallas, this purebred Doberman who is heartworm positive . . . .  the empty kennels created time to find Lonestar Doberman Rescue to take him.  He is now safe.


Fostering saves lives.  It is a ripple effect.

Want to know more?  Contact us through our email or via a Foster Application located on our website.  We would be happy to speak with you.

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