Nov. 5th: TMHPR Pupdate! – Lazy Dog Restaurant & …

Ringo gives this place 4 paws up!
His beef & rice bowl as simply paw-fect!!

Another overcast and rainy day in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Seems these have become very common.
So, what do dogs do on a day like today?

It may surprise you!

Two of our Foster Moms set out to have lunch at this new restaurant in Addison.
Gotta know the rules before you can dine.  🙂
Vixen trying to catch a nap after chipmunk games.
Ringo REALLY needed some time out of the Adoption Center.
It is amazing how much better the TMHPR dogs do mentally when socializing and living in a home.
Vixen loved her Chicken and Rice bowl that was served.
She may have continued to enjoy the rice that was on her blanket during her car ride home.

Both Vixen and Ringo are looking for their Forever Families!  Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and fosters who work so hard for our fosters!

Updated Photos of Bandit!!

Bandit did some snuggling in his kennel with Elise today!  He has been decompressing at the Adoption Center, had his first vet visit and was neutered.  Ummmm, that is a lot for a little guy in just a few days!

He is approximately 3 years old and has eyes to die for!  This little guy will be ready for a Foster Home very soon!

Can you guess who this beauty is?

This sweet and silky soft girl is currently staying with a volunteer while her Forever Mom & Dad are on a trip.  She is truly a beauty at almost a year old.

Here is how she looked when her Mama and litter mates came to TMHPR.  They were all dumped in an industrial park during an ice storm.  They were saved as a mangy mess of puppies with kennel cough.  Saved just in time!

One boy and one girl of each color.
And then this girl.  The odd girl out in the litter.

Who is our fluffy white girl?
Yep!, it’s Sugar!

Last of her brothers and sisters to be adopted, she knew she was waiting for the perfect family!  She is not just loved, she is adored!!

Thank you to everyone who helped with this sad little litter who grew up to be gorgeous and much loved!!

Oh and as a bonus —- odd girl out, fka Oreo.
Well, she got an amazing Mom who volunteers for TMHPR.  It is our very own, Mattie!

She spends many evenings patio dining and frequenting local breweries.
But, she hasn’t just sat back and forgotten where she came from.
She has mentored Amber, from the Brew Crew.
Taught her frisbees and humans are pretty cool.
Showed her how to roll in the grass cause you are safe and will one day have an amazing Forever Home.

And the most important, couches are for puppy naps!

For more information about TMHPR, please visit our website!

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