Nov. 4th: TMHPR Pupdate – Hoffman

Today, it’s all about Hoffman!

He is the short, terrier-type guy who was named by his rescuers, “Phillip Seymour Hoffman”.  
Why?  Yea, I asked that as well.  Well, once you look at him . . . you kinda see a resemblance in the face.

He is a a short guy, but sturdy.
He is kind of a mixture of all kinds of dogs – that makes him one of a kind.
And simply adorable.

Hoffman was found, dumped in a Dallas neighborhood.  He was running the streets with a buddy.  His rescuers took him in, had him vetted and began searching for a permanent home worthy of this smiley boy.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) took him into their program to help find him the home he so deserves.

Hoffman loves people and other dogs.  He has been such an emotional support for our dear Chloe.  She has learned from Hoffman that she is safe in her Foster Home and that he will be there as a snuggle buddy when she is scared.

Please share Hoffman’s story, so we can help him find the Forever Home that he so deserves.  More about Hoffman on our website

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