Nov 4 – Fosters Needed – Pupdate

I know, I know, we say it all of the time . . . . we need fosters.  It becomes a “need” that is listed with the need for bleach, puppy food and newspapers.  We ALWAYS need fosters.

But, here is why . . . .

Fosters Needed

Puppy Fosters

We get asked quite often, “Why do you always seem to NEED fosters?”  Well, here is why. Because pictures like this fill our Facebook Groups and email EVERY SINGLE DAY.


And we have to choose.
We have to choose who is going to be saved and who must continue to live (or die) like this.


Who is less sick?  Who will survive?
What dog will another rescue take?  What can we handle?
Can we pay the medical bills?  How do we reach our donors to help?
AND what FOSTERS do we have open?

It comes down to FOSTERS.
So, what does it mean to foster?  What do you have to do?
What do we have to provide for the rescued puppies?


Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) will provide the bed, linens, crate, corral, food, treats, toys, medical care, guidance and assistance with questions.  Have a vacation planned? We can help coordinate boarding at the Adoption Center or with another Foster.

14955886_10101018149681678_955807449371839995_nYou provide, transportation to the vet, a safe place in your home, training (potty, bell or crate), and most importantly, TIME.  Time to grow, learn, heal and find their Forever Family.

How Does It Work?

Currently we have 11 puppies who need foster homes.  All of these puppies are currently living at the Adoption Center waiting.

Two are from the Dallas Cowboy Litter and are about 8 weeks old.  They need to go to a home together until they are ready for adoption (at about 12-13 weeks).

The other nine are from the Mountain Litter and are approximately 5 weeks old.  They will need to go in pairs of two to foster homes until they are about 12-13 weeks of age.  Then they will either be adopted or will need to be split into their own foster homes as they continue to grow and learn.



So, when it is time for the adoptions, your family knows they have been a part of something BIGGER.  They have raised two living creatures that lived because of you.  Because of you, TMHPR could say, “YES”.


And your “Yes” has a ripple effect.  Because you took two, TMHPR could take in another two because we had space.  More lives saved . . . .

But, Isn’t It Sad to Say Goodbye?

Yes, saying goodbye can be sad.  But, the puppies are going to live a long healthy lives with loving families.  And you can keep in touch!  You see your hard work and energy blossom into something FANTASTIC!


Want to know more about fostering?  Visit our website for more information.

Want to talk to someone about fostering?  Fill out the Foster Application online and our Foster Coordinator will contact you.

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