Nov. 3rd: TMHPR Pupdate

Check out the puppies have at TMHPR!

Baxter is out of his kennel and having fun!
Here he is out playing with a volunteer today.
White Puppies
Tan Puppies &
Black Puppies

Puppies with Spots
Puppies with Mamas &
Puppies who Lost Their Mamas

He is a puppy, but appears to be potty trained.  He is settling in nicely.
He is now greeting visitors, wagging his tail and wanting affection.

He is ready for a Foster Home where he can learn to be a part of a
 loving family, while he waits for his Forever Family.

Five puppies with Mama Emilia.  Can you find them all in this photo?
Mama is doing a great job keeping them all fed.  They are gaining weight & filling out that skin!
Sweet Mama, Emilia.
We promise, this will be the last time you are a Mama.
You need the chance to be a puppy again.
Emilia’s “miny me”.  White beard markings, just like Mama.

Tummy is full.  I think I will nap right here.

Really?!  Can it get any cuter?

Okay, puppy stretching noises.  It gets cuter!!
This is blue-eyed Zyra.  She was found during the rain by Duck Team 6.

She has been bottle-fed and has a wonderful beginning.
She is a spitfire.  And loved spending the weekend with Cowboy. 
She is not available for adoption, yet.
However, we wanted to share this blue-eyed beauty.

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