Nov 30th: TMHPR Pupdate

Good Monday Morning!!

Yes, it is the famous Cyber Monday!  As you go online to save on some great Christmas Deals, how about adding a little something for the dogs of Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) into your cart?

This time of the year, we are replenishing our stock of blankets.  As the temperatures drop, we send more blankets home with our fosters, as well as, adding additional layers of warmth to our kennels.  There is nothing more comforting to a newly rescued dog than a soft and warm bed to lay its head.

(Yes, that is Ripley and Roo, the two girls in Emilia’s litter modeling our blankets that we love!)


Speaking of blankets . . . . Have you met this silly guy?

Ian is our most recent pup that we rescued from the streets of South Dallas.  Here he is last night “chilling” in the big chair in our lobby.  He had just had his first bath, in probably years, and he was modeling one of the new, super comfy blankets that had been donated.

Ian didn’t really need this fluffy blanket to keep warm, he has some serious hair!  We just thought he was fluffy when he came to TMHPR last Friday.  He received his bath yesterday and he just kinda sprouted more hair like a Chia-Pet!!

Here is Ian’s story . . . . 

You will want to start here . . . . with this video on Youtube.  His rescuer taped the process of convincing Ian that she could be trusted and needed to come out of the cold rain, away from the busy highway and into the warmth and safety of her car.


Once captured, Ian proved to be a gentle giant who was scared and unsure of humans.
But, once he was safe, dry and warm in his kennel we saw a glimpse of relaxation and
a bit of a smile.  That was also most likely due to an excellent bowl of food!
So, for two days we let the smelly boy decompress before his bath.  He learned that the
TMHPR volunteers could be trusted and that he was safe.
Ian was found to have very matted hair under his ear flaps.  This is as a
result of some very nasty ear infections.  The infection had been oozing out of his ears.
We have been able to cut away many of the matts; however, we do not want to stress him out
too much, so it is a work in progress.  He is already being treated for the infections, even before
he is able to see the vet.  (Which is this week.)
He truly is a gentle boy, who is learning the feel of human touch.  He is still
cautious as a hand reaches to stroke his face or head, gently.
Here is our fluffy boy after his bath and blow out.  He is tired from all the activity,
but it has to feel better.  He fleas, dirt and grime all washed away.
Those are the eyes of a street dog who is not certain of his future.  The dark eyes
that don’t have the twinkle of excitement.  Give him a week.  So much changes in the 1st week.

And our other South Dallas boy, Flynn was rescued from the streets last Tuesday.  He was lucky enough to be plucked from the mean streets BEFORE the rain and cold set in over Thanksgiving.

As you may recall, or if you haven’t seen his introduction blog . . . . check it here.
Flynn came in with wounds from dog bites and was very scared and shut down.  His wounds are healing up so nicely and he now comes to the front of his kennel for attention.

Flynn’s eyes are that of dog who is uncertain of his future.  But, he has learned this week that he is safe!
And he allows volunteers to pet his head and shoulders.
This boy has even taken to howling in his kennel for attention.  Such a great
step to see happen!  He is beginning to crave the attention of humans!  He is even known
to flirt with one of our regular female volunteers!  Amazing what a week will do for a dog!

Another example of a dog who has come so far!!  ELI!!

Eli is proof of what a change a week can make!  Here he is all snuggled and
relaxed in his kennel last night.  He was making eyes at me and wagging his tail.
But, he also wasn’t moving from his warm bed or from the toys he has buried under his head.
Decompression at its finest!!
Here is an uncertain Eli, just hours after his Freedom Ride from Dallas Animal Services!
What a difference!!

Accepting a dog into the TMHPR program is typically more costly.  They have been on the streets for who knows how long and their health suffers for it.  Dog bites, sores from walking miles on hot pavement, wounds from sleeping in trash piles or dense brush in undeveloped land and going years without preventive vet visits or heartworm protection.  This adds to the rescuers’ bills as soon as they are taken in off the streets.

Eli had puncture wounds, is not neutered, had kennel cough, is heartworm positive and needs all of his shots.
Flynn had even more bite marks, puncture wounds, is unaltered and has not been tested for heartworms as of yet.  He was too scared at his initial vet visit for all of his vetting to be accomplished.

Ian is still a Wild Card.  He has his first vet visit and neutering on Wednesday.  But, we already know that he will need high powered ear drops and oral medication for his ear infections.

If you are able to donate to the care of these new dogs, please click this link to our website and use the Donate Button at the top right corner.  You do not have to have a Paypal Account to donate.  Paypal does accept credit card payment with the security of the Paypal services.

AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS!!  Without your donations, we can’t continue to help these dogs.


Now for some of our updates on Adopted Dogs from TMHPR!  One of our favorites things about our Pupdates.  Sharing how our Adopted Pups are doing!

Jasper knows how to spend a wet and cold Thanksgiving Weekend.  Sacked out on the couch
watching some football.  Well, maybe listening to the game, with his eyes closed?
Yea, I know a lot of men who do that too, Jasper!
And we received this GORGEOUS photo of our Mirabelle, (fka Cheyenne).
Love, love, love her in a scarf.  She is just a beauty!

Check back for additional Pupdates.  We have updates on our fosters and Emilia’s puppies!  You will not believe how big they are getting!  They will be 5 weeks old on December 2nd!

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