Nov. 2nd: TMHPR Pupdate

We wanted to share some information about some of our newest TMHPR dogs!

We only have four kennels in the Adoption Center because we are a foster home based program.  Dogs that come into our program typically spend time in our Adoption Center being cared for by our kennel techs and volunteers.  This allows them to decompress, learn they are safe and that they can trust humans.

This process also allows us to learn more about them and their needs.  Learning more about them helps us to partner them with the perfect foster home. 
Meet Baxter.  Baxter came to us on Saturday from a rural shelter that has very little foot traffic.
He is a young boy who was vetted last week.  He has been neutered, treated for fleas
 and is recovering from a skin condition, mostly on his head.
We can’t wait to learn this boy’s sweet personality.
Bandit came to our Adoption Center on Saturday afternoon as well.
He was found wandering in a rural-ish town.
This poor guy was found with a wire secured tightly around his neck.
It is a horrific part of rescue, there are horrible people out there.
But, the good news, he now wears a collar and is safe.
We can’t wait to help him write his Happy Beginning!
That Happy Beginning started with a bath, sorry Bandit.

Check out these cuties!!
You will recognize Cowboy on the right.
He was the adorable pup who asked donors for more puppy food.
He is growing quickly in his foster home.
His new friend on the right is Zyra.  She was a Duck Team 6 rescue who is also growing quickly.

Hoffman had his Glamour shots taken on Saturday.
He is a smiling guy who is just happy to be around you.  More about Hoffman will be online soon!
He has been vetted and is now ready for adoption.  He will be going “live” this week.
Chloe & Hoffman are in the same foster home.
We have learned that Chloe must have the companionship & “protection”
of another dog.  We just love the bond they have built with each other.
We think Hoffman will be able to teach Chloe that life can be pretty good with humans.  
We will leave you with our boy Ringo and his Photo Booth photos.
This boy is about 16 months old and tested heart worm negative.
He loves other dogs, adults and kids.
He is currently looking to move out of the Adoption Center and into a Foster Home
 while he waits for the perfect Forever Home.
Do you have room for this laid back, silly boy?
Don’t forget that we have more information about our available dogs & cats on our website.

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