Nov. 25th: TMHPR Pupdate Blog

So, we come to Thanksgiving Eve.

A day that is dedicated to planning, preparing and baking.  Gathering with family and friends to remember and reflect on the things for which we are thankful.

Yesterday, we mentioned why some of our dogs are thankful.  But, what about us? The volunteers who help at TMHPR?

Speaking of Picasso.  He will be at Circle Star for 2 more weeks of training.
In that time, we want to close out his Razoo, so he can go for his heart surgery.
This boy has a chance at a long, healthy life with a corrective heart surgery.
For more about his needs, please click on the link below.
Paint a Better Future for Picasso Link

We are so thankful to those donors who have given and continue to give to this cause.  Picasso is a smart, silly boy who deserves a shot at a full life of love.

We are thankful for rescuers.  The ones that crawl under buildings to save a litter of puppies.
The ones who aren’t afraid to get dirty, spend their money and precious time caring for animals
and working to find them a loving and caring home.  To you, we are most grateful.

We are thankful to adopters who become fosters.  Remember Willy?  One of Tugger’s foster pups?  Well, he and his Forever Mom fare now fostering a kitty cat for us.

Willy is a fabulous foster, just like Tugger was for him.
He loves his foster kitty, So-Da.


So-Da was living on the streets in South Dallas.  A dog rescuer was out trying
to save dogs in the area when So-Da came out and decided it was his turn for a better life.
Willy is so happy So-Da was brave and came to live with him.


So-Da is a way cool cat.  Willy gives him four-paws up!
So-Da is available for adoption.  Thank you Willy & Mom for fostering and saving another life!


We are also so very thankful to our Adopters.  Do you remember Ash?
Little older poodle mix who came in into TMHPR who needed a dental terribly.  Then we realized he was deaf?  Well, none of those strikes against him stopped his Forever Family from loving him.
Here is Ash now.
Every little girl’s dream.  To have a dog to dress up.
Ash even has a friend to help him “hear”.
He is living the life he always deserved.  Soft beds, tea parties and lots of hats.

Makes all those rescue hours so worth it, little boy!

Lastly, but most of all, we are thankful for each other.
We have a wonderful group of volunteers, who not only take care of the dogs & cats,
but we take care of each other as well.

So, as we all gather around the Thanksgiving meal to stop and be ever grateful for our blessings, know that so many are thankful for the TMHPR volunteers.  You give blood, sweat and tears for our dogs and cats.

And thank you to our adopters who believe it is their job to love their pets to the end.
And our donors . . . . none of this is possible without your help.

If you would like to know more about TMHPR, please visit our website.  We are always looking for fabulous volunteers to join our team.

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