Nov. 24th: TMHPR Pupdate

We are getting so close to Thanksgiving!  What are you thankful for this year?

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) is always thankful for our volunteers, adopters, donors and followers who share the stories of our animals.

But, what are our dogs & puppies thankful for?  Here are just a few . . . 


Meet Eli!!  He is our newest dog to join TMHPR.
An advocate for Eli shared his story & we had a foster step up to house him.
This is why fosters save lives.  Eli was in a kill shelter, tested heartworm + and had
puncture wounds that would need medication.  A rescue was his only hope.
One of our volunteers used her day off from work to assist in the
transportation from the shelter to the Adoption Center.  Eli is so thankful that she did.
 If you ever have the opportunity to help with one of these “saves”, you will never regret it.
You see, every rescue dog lets out a loud sigh when they know they are safe.
This was when that sigh occurred.  Music to a rescuer’s ears.
Here is Eli in his new digs for the next few days.  We like to have our dogs decompress at the Adoption Center.
This allows us to closely monitor their health, both mentally and physically.
Eli will be vetted and then sent to his foster home as soon as he is able.


Next we have Baxter!

Baxter is thankful for his advocate, Dana.  She pulled him from a high kill rural shelter
and had him completely vetted.  This included medication for a terrible skin condition.
He is doing so much better now!  No more red, scaly skin.
Baxter is also thankful for his foster home.  His Foster Mom gives him all kinds of love and cuddles.
He does admit that the Foster Dad and kids aren’t too bad either.  🙂

And Sweet Emilia

Emilia is so thankful to all of those who have helped her and her puppies.
She was saved from having those babies outdoors in flooding rains by just five days.


Introducing Hank the Hound Dog

Hank is so thankful for a new foster.  We were able to take Hank into the TMHPR program
and out of boarding because a new foster joined our team!


I mean look at those eyes!!  Who could turn him away?
Hank is currently available for adoption.  He is the sweetest and kindest boy.


And little Wrigley

This sweet baby was dumped all alone at a high kill rural shelter.
The same shelter that Hank and Baxter came from.
She was covered in ticks and fleas when she came to TMHPR.
Now she is learning what being loved and spoiled is all about.
She loves patio dining, trips to Community Brewery and playing in the backyard.
We know someone is going to fall in love with that face!

And remember Honey?

This girl wondered onto a farm, clearly having just had puppies, but they were no where to be found.
She was exhausted, had a tick borne illness and was heartworm positive.  After many
months of medical care and a wonderful foster home, she is living a fabulous life in her Forever Home.

Nothing keeps rescuers going like these pictures with fabulous updates.  While it is hard to see them sick, heartbroken and exhausted, we know that in the end they will have the home they deserve.  So, we move on to the next one who needs us.

A huge thank you to everyone who helps us help these animals.  We couldn’t do it without and amazing team of volunteers and fabulous supporters!

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