Nov 21st – Family of Volunteers

The holidays begin THIS WEEK!  YES, this week is Thanksgiving!

I have packing to do!  I need to check in for my flight.  Need to find that TSA Pre-check number. Lord, what am I supposed to be making for my Thanksgiving gathering?  I hope I’m not in charge of the turkey!


Are all of the dogs and cats out of the Adoption Center for Thanksgiving?  Will we have Meet & Greet on the Saturday after Thanksgiving?  Oh, the adoption emails . . . . we have so many puppies to get adopted!


Remember, I mentioned this begins the holiday season? Time to enjoy family & friends; and think on the last year.  Well, the  volunteers of Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) are an amazing family that makes this non-profit “GO”.  Here are some great examples as to “how” it happens.

We All Pitch In


Deana is our Dog Foster Coordinator; however, she is also a volunteer, foster and board member.  On this day, she wore the volunteer hat and help transport a litter of puppies to the Animal Medical Center of Richardson (AMCR).  Reagan is pictured here learning that humans are fabulous!  We had so many volunteers work with these puppies that they grew to love people so very quickly!

We Take Photographs


Many of our volunteers come to the center multiple times a week to socialize the cats and dogs who are waiting on a Foster Home.  Carolyn is one of our fosters who loves to photograph the dogs while she loves on them.  This is Molly, our Mexican Mutt, that she was photographing last week.  She is able to capture the true personality of the dogs and cats.  Carolyn also works very diligently on our Instagram Account.

We Donate Our Time


Spending time with the cats and dogs is a very important job at TMHPR.  We work to make the environment inviting and comfortable for both the volunteer and the animals.  Spending time reading at home?  How about spending an hour reading with a cat?  They love the company. Volunteering is not ALL scooping & cleaning!  It’s rubbing bellies, scratching ears and playing with wand toys!

We Transport!


So many of our volunteers help transport.  It may be donations, it may be event tables or it may be animals to the vet.  Those who have the time and vehicle to make appointments or events happen are so needed & appreciated.  Here our Event Coordinator, Emily Andersen, hauls a car load of donated items from a Hollywood Feed event back to the Adoption Center. These donations will be used by our fosters, shared with feral cat colonies, the street dogs of South Dallas and the North Texas Pet Food Pantry.  We believe in sharing our good fortune!

We Foster Dogs & Cats


As most of our volunteers learn, along the way a dog tugs at your heart and you give fostering a chance.  And you find that the experience changes the entire family.  When humans give of their time and their hearts to an animal, great things happen.  As you help save the life of the one you made room for in your home, another one is saved from the shelter as a kennel opens at the Adoption Center.

We Keep the Adoption Center Running


Volunteers keep the Adoption Center in tip-top shape.  Lightbulbs burn out, printers stop printing, sinks begin to leak . . . . and even this week a broken window in the cat room needed replacing.  See, we even need handy men and women to keep the place safe and running smoothly.  Marmalade can now see clearly and can head butt the window safely.

We Have Fun


I mean we are volunteering after all.  It should be fun, no matter what you are doing.  Smiling faces, laughter, jokes . . . . even when you are scooping, scrubbing or sweating . . . it is what makes us a family.  We rely on each other and enjoy the hard work we put into rescuing the dogs and cats.

A HUGE thank you to each and every volunteer.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday, and know that we are thankful for YOU!

Oh, and to answer that earlier question, YES we will have Meet & Greet the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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