Nov 2 – Libby Lou & Others Too – Pupdate

Meet some of our wonderful new canines who are waiting for their Forever Homes.  Each one of them has their own special requests in a Forever Family.  It is our job at Take Me Home Pet Rescue to match that pup with just the right family.


First up, Our mushy girl, Libby is our dog of the week, so we will start with this sweet girl.

Libby (1)Libby was terrified as she waited for a hero to find her in a rural shelter.  She was carried out into the yard (she wouldn’t walk for us) and this Happy Girl appeared!  She was smiling and wiggling her entire body!

Happy Girl

We knew that a Foster Home had to be found quickly for this girl.  She was so frightened inside, but once outside of that scary building, she showed us that she was a silly and loyal companion who wanted to be loved.

So fast forward a month, she has conquered kennel cough, completely up to date on vaccinations and has been spayed . . . . next stop . . . . Forever Home!


Libby is best described as “A BIG MUSH”.  We believe she is part Lab and part Great Dane.  She has these mushy jowls and this whole mushy personality.  She loves to lounge.


Anywhere . . . . Like in the Meet & Greet room . . . during Meet & Greet.  Like full on snoring cause, well she had been awake for a few hours and needed a good snooze.


Mom’s busy working from home?  Well, let me play a little . . . . oh never mind, I think I will just lay here with my ball and nap.


She truly is a love bug who will make a fabulous furry family member.  She is young, playful and also a great cuddler.  Click on one of her photos to find out more about Libby!


Lucy is about 2 years old and a terrier mix — and she is a DOLL!  She LOVES children.  Her best friend in her Foster Home is the 3 year old.  They watch movies together.  They play Play-Doh together.  They play dress-up together.  They are always together.

So, Lucy needs kids.  She needs little mini-humans who she can play with, snuggle with and take to school every morning.  And we are determined to find that for our little Lucy.

For more information about Lucy, please click on her photo below for her information.Lucy


Tucker knows the feeling of abandonment.  He was dumped at a busy intersection, tags removed and left to fend for himself.  Have you ever seen a scared, malnourished pup scared to death as he runs back and forth in a busy intersection looking for the person who left him?

It is gut wrenching!


Tucker was saved by a Good Samaritan who loves him; however, her alpha male does not want Tucker in the pack, so this sweet boy is looking for a great place to land!  At about 100 lbs this boys is 100% love and loyalty.  Please share his need for a wonderful Forever Home.  And for more information, please click on his photo above.


This beautiful tri-colored Australian Shepherd also knows the feeling of abandonment.  Her family had too many dogs and when they were moving made the decision that Nyx had to go.

For two weeks this girl cried and refused to eat.  Her Foster Family was patient and loving as they helped her to adjust to a new life.  Now she is ready to make the move to a Forever Family!


This girl is S-M-A-R-T and loving.  She loves to go on car rides and be an active part of the family.  If you are looking for your new best friend, please check out this fabulous girl.  Click on her photo for additional information.

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