Nov. 18th: TMHPR Pupdate – Introducing Flynn

On Saturday night Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) celebrated another year of rescues with our largest fundraiser of the year.  We all get dressed up, invite our friends and raise money for the rescue.  At last count, we raised over $34,000 for the dogs and cats of TMHPR!!  

TMHPR is a100% volunteer run organization; therefore, the money goes directly for the expenses of the dogs and cats.

It is the getting dressed up part that we aren’t so accustomed to.  We spent the evening walking around greeting each other . . . while hardly recognizing each other in our nice clothes, make-up and clean hair.  We seem to live our volunteer hours in t-shirts, jeans, no make-up and hair in ponytails or hats.  And we are typically covered in dirt, sweat, dog poop or mop water.

While we all took time to get dressed up and celebrate . . . . the rescuing never truly stopped.  On Monday, our founder, Elise was on the streets of South Dallas working to earn the trust of an Australian Shepherd in need.  

Monday did not end with a capture; however, Tuesday morning proved successful.

Meet Flynn.
This young boy has been running with a recent pack of dumped and forgotten dogs.

Flynn appears to be 100% Australian Shepherd.  He is a bit timid and is uncertain as to who he can trust.  Today he will be going to the vet for a check-up, tests and to see if he has a micro-chip. 

It will not be long before this beautiful boys understands that he can trust the volunteers at TMHPR.  He has already started his journey to his Happy Beginning.

While Flynn is just beginning his journey, here are some updates from those dogs who have found their Happy Beginning.

Update from Romeo.  Yes, he is the big guy who believes he is a lap dog.
His Mama doesn’t seem to mind.  🙂
He and his family are currently fostering little Bandit.  Bandit is currently available for adoption.
He has proven to be an easy foster.  Loves people, other dogs and easily uses the dog door in his foster home.

We received this photo from Lady’s family (fka Paquita).
Seems that she has found the softest and warmest spot in the house to watch television.
We love seeing updates from our adopted dogs!  It is so good to see the dogs happy and content.

And then there is little Spencer.  He seems to think that he is hiding in the pillows.
This little guy brings a smile to his owners’ faces every day.  Such a cutie with a great personality!

For more information regarding fostering or adopting, please visit the TMHPR website.

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