Nov 17 – Puppies, Pippy & Cyrus – Pupdate

Ummmmm, is it really Thanksgiving next week?  Oh my, that kind of creeped up on us.  We have had so many fabulous saves this year and they are now looking for Forever homes. Puppies are in abundance, it seems.

Pippy & Cyrus


Most of our litters of puppies have a theme.  This helps our bookkeepers and Admin Volunteers keep track of the puppies and where they are in the vetting process.

Currently TMHPR has had a puppy explosion.

  • Dallas Cowboy puppies (in honor of the quarterback controversy), including Dak & Romo


  • Mountain puppies (including Mama Ande and her brood of mountain names such as Helen, Rainier, Vail, etc)


  • The Cubbies (boasting names like Zobrist, Cubby and Addison) and most recently the


  • Presidential puppies (Lincoln, Jefferson & Reagan)


These adorable babies each have their own survival story.  Born in dirt, living in filth, abandoned as an entire family just days after birth or snatched from the EU list just in time. They are all survivors and deserve fabulous home.


But what about those who are not puppies?
Do I dare say, sometimes they are far more fun and less work?
But, still young, cudd-able, loveable, snugg-able and adorable.  (My blog, my made up words.)


Cyrus is a handsome man with swagger.  But, he wasn’t always this snugg-able.
Living on the streets, in a dirt hole and being shot with a pellet gun is not worthy of swagger either.  He story here.

But, look at this gorgeous boy now!


He is living the good life do to two pretty great, dare I say it, Millennials?
His young rescuer who plucked him from his hole and the even younger foster who has taken him into her room, with her families support and gave him the time and structure needed for him to find his Forever Home.


Cyrus loves his bed, your bed, the couch . . . . anything soft to sleep on.  He loves treats, playing with other dogs and humans!  He is a wonderful dog that will come house trained, hug trained and snuggle trained.  Oh, and a few basic commands in there as well.


And he is all ready to find his Forever Home for Christmas.  (Yes, he really didn’t mind wearing the antlers on his head.  He is a laid back and cool dog.)  We believe Cyrus is related to Hope (found in the same yard), and is a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix.


Have you ever met a “happy” dog?  I mean really happy.  Like smiles, prances and waves her dinosaur-long tail in the air non-stop?  Well, that is our girl, Pippy.


Pippy loves kids.
Pippy loves snuggles.
And Pippy loves dance parties.  (Um, yea, we are serious.  We have the video proving it.)


Pippy was found abandoned at a rent house and we have no clue why.  Her rescuers took her to the vet to look for a chip.  When nothing was found and no one seemed to be looking for her, they sponsored her vetting and set out to have TMHPR find her a great home.


Pippy is a great size and loves other dogs.  She looks to have a herding breed/heeler mix maybe in her.  She does enjoy herding the children, but she doesn’t nip.  And she does her herding in a gentle manner.  She just likes to know where everyone is . . . and that they are safe.

Pippy needs a good sized yard for running, playing fetch and lots of chase.  She loves toys and knows how to put herself to bed.


Her Foster Mom does not enjoy folder laundry, so Pippy has mastered the art of grabbing a blanket and calling it a night.  Later her Foster noticed the light must have been in her eyes, as she covered up her eyes with the blanket.

TMHPR has some FABULOUS dogs right now!  And we will continue to have adoptions through the end of the year.  Know someone looking to add to their family?  Or maybe you are looking for your next furry friend . . . or you just want to help spread the word of dogs in need of homes . . . please share our stories and our website.

Sharing really does result in adoptions!  Thank you for sharing!


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