Nov. 15th: TMHPR Pupdate

We can never say it enough . . . . 

We have amazing VOLUNTEERS & FOSTERS!!!!

We put out a plea for fosters and look what happened.

Bandit – 3 years old, fully vetted & needing out of the Adoption Center.
He just needed someone to take a chance on him and Melissa did.
Here he is on his Freedom Ride from the Adoption Center.
Two things that needed to happen:  1) Get along with other dogs in the home.  2) Use the dog door.
Bandit succeeded at both!!
Here he is enjoying an evening on the couch with his buddy Romeo.
Going from kennel to a Foster Home so helps them get adopted faster!
Fitzroy was back from his temporary foster.  He always is so sad to return tot he center.
This boy is spending a week with some of his favorite fosters while they are on vacation.
Here he is lounging after a bath.  Doesn’t he look great!
This boy loves having access to a backyard.  He is such a good boy when given
some space to work of some energy.  He is in need of a full-time foster.
Fitzroy gets along with other dogs, goes to doggie daycare and would love the use of a backyard to play fetch.
Ringo is out of the Adoption Center!  He has gone to a foster home where he is able to stretch his legs and enjoy the cool weather.  This boy loves to be outside with the wind in his face.  He also very fond of patio dining.

First night in the foster home and he did great!  He is so thankful that someone took a chance on him.
Little Parker is recovering from his neuter in a foster home.
He is learning what a lap dog really is.  His foster mom believes this concept is foreign to him.
And he is also learning that carpool is a lot of fun.  Greeting kids after school is a great activity!
Remi had two foster applications come in for him!
This love bug has fear issues of men that he needs work on.
And a young female dog trainer stepped up to temporarily foster him.  We are hoping additional professional help
would benefit this sweet boy.

As of this morning, Remi is running and playing with the resident dog.
He loves to run, play with other dogs and cuddle with female humans.  Men & children are just not for Remi right now.
And lastly, little Baxter is spending the weekend with a new foster.  But, he will be back in the
Adoption Center on Monday.  His poor skin, raw from treatments, is very sensitive.  It doesn’t
stop him from smiling, giving kisses or wagging his tail.  However, we don’t think
puppy wrestling time would feel good right now.
If you have a home with cats or older dogs who would not try to play, you may have the perfect
home for this young little guy to spend some time healing.  Would you be willing to try?

Thank you to everyone who fosters or temporarily fosters.  Fostering saves lives.  If they are living in a home, then that means we have room at the Adoption Center to bring in additional dogs in need.

Please consider fostering.

For more about our foster program, please visit our website at or send an email to

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