Nov. 13th – TMHPR Pupdate

We have so many great updates to share.
Thank you to all of our Adopters and Fosters who share updates on our fabulous foster dogs!
Harp hanging out with her Foster Brother.  It is amazing what a good pack can do for a Foster Puppy.
Harp has an old soul and is so loving.
Remember sweet & scared Emma?  She (on the left) was dumped at a kill shelter with her Mama Paquita.
This sweet girl had not been handled by humans much.  She would run and hide in her crate if anyone came near.

Well, Emma and her brother, Chuy have bonded and she now knows what the “good life” is.
She runs, plays and cuddles with her brother and Mom & Dad.
We love happy beginnings!!  Makes all of the hard work so very worth it!
Spencer’s Forever Mom sent this photo.  Here he is sporting his first sweater of the season.
This amazing boy is so very loved by his family.
And we received this from Harper!  This sweet girl is spoiled rotten and living the good life.
She spends her time watching the golfers go by from her backyard patio.
Harper’s brother Griffin is loving his life as well.
You can see the Boston Terrier in this boy with that underbite.
He is always smiling when his Forever Mom has a treat for him. 
And who is this beauty?  Sweet Rosie (now Stella) was overlooked so many times by adopters.
This is what they missed out on!!  This girl is gorgeous and loved!
And this adorable boy just keeps growing and getting more adorable!
Wrangler was one of Olivia’s babies.  He returns to his Foster Home when his Forever Parents take a trip!
Now for some more recent babies . . . The Brew Crew!
A couple of the sisters have been adopted.  But, there are still a few available for adoption.  You can’t go wrong in adopting one of these girls.  They are so very smart and so want a wonderful and loving home of their own.

Here is a photo of sweet Amber with her Foster Mentor, Mattie.  Amber was so scared of humans
 that she immediately bonded with Mattie.  And Mattie taught her that humans were pretty cool.

This would be Vixen and Pauli during a normal Saturday Meet & Greet.  It is amazing how all
of the sisters in this litter just love each other.  They have so much fun when they get to visit with each other.

Sweet Pauli in her spot on the couch.  This girl loves some good snuggle time on the couch. 

She is not a part of the Brew Crew litter, but she sure looks like them!  Meet little Wrigley.  This is Mattie’s newest little one to train.  Little Wrigley came to TMHPR from a rural kill shelter.  She was covered in fleas & ticks.  

Mattie is such a good mentor.  And this little one is super smart and is so very social.
Her Foster Mom is a huge Cubs fan, so she was given a name as a nod to the Cubs 2015 season!

We have so many wonderful pups who are ready for adoption.  Check out website for these dogs and others who are coming online!  🙂

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