Nov. 11 – TMHPR Pupdate

Baxter says it perfectly.

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) is a foster based program and we are currently in desperate need of more foster homes.

We are FULL at the Adoption Center and this is no way for these dogs to be spending their days and nights.

Baxter is about 9 weeks old and has been diagnosed with a skin condition; however, it is not contagious.
He will have his 2nd treatment tomorrow and then his hair just needs time to fill back in.
He has gorgeous eyes and is more of a body-wagging boy.  Cause when his tail wags, his whole body wiggles.
Baxter needs a Foster Home to call his own.

Meet Wrigley.  She found herself all alone at a local kill shelter.
Workers at the shelter knew she was special.  (And so did she.)
She even volunteered to help with desk work.
A foster said, “yes” and sweet Wrigley spent her first night in a home just last night.
Others still wait at the Adoption Center for their chance to live in a Foster Home.  And as long as the kennels are FULL, we cannot save additional lives.

Ringo LOVES to carpool!
He is about 17 months old and fully vetted.
He is just ready to hop in the car and head to a foster home.
This boy is laid back and loves patio dining.  We can’t believe he is still in a kennel.

Maybe you would like to just “try” fostering.  How about a 2-day trial period?  Take him home and try him on for size.  Does he integrate well in your home?  He would be so grateful for the time away from the center to nap on a dog bed . . . or the couch.

Fitzroy needs a permanent foster.  He is an active boy, but with doggie day care, a yard and some attention,
 this boy settles right into a home.  He is such a good boy and a love.
He has temporary fosters who take him for about 3 days at a time when their schedule allows.
He loves the feel of the sheets, but he is also crate trained.

Bandit is another one of our boys who needs a foster home.  He is a cuddle bug.
At 3 years old and now neutered he is ready to find out what a loving home feels like.
He was found wondering in a rural area with a wire tied tightly around his neck.
Bandit deserves a Foster Home full of love while he waits for his Forever Family.
Rumor is that Bandit is an excellent copilot!

And our newest addition to TMHPR is Parker.  Parker is a scared little guy who needs a quiet place to decompress and learn to trust humans again.

Found in the Fair Park area of Dallas, wandering the streets, his owners hadn’t even noticed he was missing.  And worse than that . . . . they didn’t want him back.

Cute little Parker gives kisses and smiles, once he knows he can trust you.

Parker is approximately 3 years old and has now been fully vetted and neutered.  He is currently looking for a Foster Home.  Once he has had the opportunity to settle in, then he will be available for adoption.

If you would like to know more about our foster program, please visit our website.  We have a team of volunteers and fosters who help support each other.  And TMHPR pays for all vetting, food, toys and medications.  You simply provide the space and love until a Forever Home is found.

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