Notes from Hunter!

Hey guys, it’s me Hunter!!

I have been waiting for months for my forever family.  I am a super sweet boy, so I was selected to go to Circle Star when my buddy Fitzroy came home.

So, I thought it would be fun to send you some photos to let you know how I’m doing.  My buddies at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) will post my messages for me.  Keep checking back to see how my training is going!
Day 1:  Here I am the morning that I was packing up and heading out.  Car rides are not my favorite thing, so my TMHPR buddy always have to lift me into the car.  I am a good car rider, I just don’t like jumping into the car.  Not saying my behind is a bit out of shape . . . . I digress . . . . my point, look how happy I am to be selected for a month of camp!

Day 2:  
No photos, please.
I said I didn’t want my photo taken!
No, I will not look at the camera!!!
Take the photo, if you must, but I will not look at you.

It is only day two.  And I have 28 more days like this before I go home.  Who thought it was a good idea to send the “sheep shape” dog to the country in August?  I prefer an air conditioned home.  I prefer my food and water to be near my bed.  Walking kept to a minimum.  And where is that golf cart that Fitzroy was always riding in???!!!  

Day 3:  
Another photo?
Okay, if I look in your general direction, can we then go in?

It is day 3.  I’m told I’m a bit dramatic about this being outside business.  My buddies at the Adoption Center would turn around when I wanted to go inside.  These people here, well they are nice, but I haven’t seen this much sun since . . . well, I don’t talk about my past life.  Send lots of puppy treats.  If I keep up all this learning, I won’t have this sweet “sheep shape” for long.

Day 4:  
Photo time again.
At least we are in the shade.
No, I will not look at the camera.
Instead I will look off into the distance as if pondering the meaning of life.

Still haven’t found that golf cart.  Send Fitzroy back!  I need to know where they hide the golf cart!  And I want his connections, cause I need a massage at the end of the day.

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