New Family In The Adoption Center!

They have arrived!

Yesterday afternoon Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) welcomed a new family into the Adoption Center.  This little family of 6 were almost out of time at the Balch Springs Animal Shelter; however, their advocates were working hard to find them a rescue group who would take them in.

And they found a place at TMHPR.

They are safe, warm, loved and continuing the treatment that they need for their skin condition.  Our foster homes are full, our adoption center is full and we have ice & snow on the way.  Our fabulous volunteers are doing what they do best, signing up for dog care shifts knowing the puppies need them!

They have just started their journey to being healthy & happy dogs in forever homes.  They were headed to their first vet visit this afternoon for a full check-up.  Yes, even in the snow & slush we have dedicated volunteers who get these babies where they need to go.

How can you help?  

These dogs are going to need a lot of care before they are ready for foster homes or foster to adopt homes.  We are dependent on donations to help take care of these dogs.  We have had some wonderful supporters step up and donate to this family.


Mama is so sweet & only about 30 lbs.
Watching Chris get their room all clean again.
They have BIG personalities.


These 4 were asking Chris to hurry.
They were ready to attack the newspaper.


This little one waited patiently as Chris cleaned the room.
Then he was the 1st one in cause he/she is the bravest.

Want to help with their medical bills?

Donate by using the donate button on the TMHPR website.

Want to help with food, leashes or bedding?

Every dog who goes to a foster home takes with them food, leash and a warm, comfy bed to call their own.  Our Amazon wish list includes all of the items we need.  Our most urgent needs are at the top of the list.  In just a few clicks you could have what these dogs needs delivered to our door.  And we would be so grateful!

Want to volunteer your time?

If you are in the area, please go to the website and fill our a volunteer application.  We are looking for new people to add to our team.  And there is a wide range of talent that we need!!  We will provide the training that you need.  And you will get so much love in return.  And we have an awesome team!!  Come join us!

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Thank you for sharing our stories.  Sharing builds our audience to help our rescue animals.



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