Monday Funday!!

Is it Monday already?

We missed Sunday Funday!

No worries, that will make Monday that much more bearable . . . . we have Monday Funday!!

Oh my!  What a fabulous weekend for Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).

Let’s review . . . 

So, last week we had two of our favorite foster boys take the pledge.  The pledge to not father any puppies.  

Blaze the 3 years old Great Dane had to have abdominal surgery to complete his neutering.  (He had a ball that had never dropped.)  I’m such a 10 year old boy!  I said ball!

Here is Blaze spending Friday evening recovering in his foster parent’s bed.  Yes, that is where he slept all night.  Poor boy was feeling great after a little extra loving and a chance to sleep in the human bed!

Here he is the next morning getting a potty break from one of his two-legged foster brothers.  
Blaze will be given time fully heal from his surgery and then will begin heart worm treatments.  He will need a quiet home to complete this 6 week process.  After he has completed this treatment, then he will be ready for adoption.
And oh, yes you do see Benedict and Ethan trailing behind him.  They spent a couple of days with Blaze.  Then they were off to another home until their foster parents are back in town.
Two beautiful brindle pups.  Two very different sizes!!
Our Marshmallow was the 2nd fellow to take the pledge last week.  He was headed home with his favorite volunteer, Andrew.  He was trying to get over his anesthesia in this photo.  He took it easy for a couple of days.

By Sunday he was feeling great and smiling as he always does.  (When he is out of his run.)  He even met some children on Sunday and he loved them!!  He was so excited to have all of the attention.

Marshmallow is a shepherd mix that literally looks like a toasted marshmallow.  His coloring is a mix of before and after roasting a marshmallow.

He is a fun boy who is about 5 years old and looking for a foster home or a foster to adopt home.  He is learning what toys are all about.   He also believes the command “Sit” means to immediately flop on the floor and then get lots of treats.

He is a silly, silly boy.

We had Meet & Greet on Saturday!  It was a gorgeous day to get out and meet some dogs & cats!  Here are some photos of the dogs who were in attendance.

Poppy was a part of the Spice Rack.  Here she is getting some love from our volunteer, Kay.

Prince Charming with our volunteer Phyllis.  Prince Charming was brought into our program in August.  His journey was featured last week in this blog entry.  Click the link to read his heroic story.  He is a fabulous Min Pin who is looking for his forever home!



Newbies Roscoe & Rosie were at their first meet and greet.  These two are so much fun.  

These youngin’s were found together and are currently in a foster home together.  They have both made the pledge for no puppies.  They are now ready for their forever home.

Ummm, and the pig was a big hit with both Rosie and Roscoe.  They loved trying to steal it from the each other.  When one dog was distracted, the other would grab it.  They truly are an entertaining pair.  They say, “Send more pigs!”





And finally, the best news of all . . . adoptions!

Pepper & her new family!


Poppy has already fallen in love with her family!
Scarlette (now Annie) giving a huge smile.

Pepper, Poppy and Scarlette (now Annie) have all been adopted and loving their new homes.  We love to see the smiles one their faces; and the faces of their new families!

Here is to another great week at TMHPR!

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