Mirabelle: Update from a Lucky Pup

Many of us, involved with rescue, have friends and family who ask us questions such
as these: 
“How do you do it?” 
“I just don’t know how you foster.  Don’t you want to keep them all?” 
“Such sad stories.  I
don’t know how you work in rescue.”
Because of dogs such as Mirabelle . . . . we rescue.
Mirabelle (fka Cheyenne) was one of Olivia’s puppies.  Olivia came to the Adoption
Center very pregnant when a Good Samaritan begged for TMHPR to take her into
their care.  She had been on the streets
for about a year and had suffered greatly from the abuse of home owners and
children in the neighborhood.  It was feared
that if she had her babies on the streets they would be killed. 
(For more of Olivia’s story click here.)
Mirabelle and all of her siblings were adopted by wonderful
families who, from time to time, update our fosters as to how they are growing
and changing.  Here are some photos shared by Mirabelle’s family.
Parents Charles & Grace absolutely adore their little 5 month old girl.
Here they are on a picnic just a couple of weeks ago. 
Big (little) brother, Maximus loves his little sister.
Mom look, my freckles!!

Sometimes Mirabelle likes the serious pose.

Sometimes you just have to catch a nap wherever you can.

Mirabelle & family in NOLA for the Labor Day Weekend.
 Mirabelle is a gorgeous girl who is photographed so often.  But, she doesn’t mind. (And neither do we.)
So, for those friends and family members who continue to ask
“why?” or “how?”, this is why & this gives us the strength for the “how”.  Because
there are thousands of Mirabelle’s out there waiting and worthy of a loving
Forever Family.

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