Meet the Newest Little Friends at TMHPR

I’m not gonna lie, I love a terrier.

(Seems today’s blog is going to be a bit more personal, and I will be speaking as me and not Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  I can’t help it.)

I know, some people prefer labs, poodles, shepherds or collies.  We all can admit that we have a preference.  Mine just happens to be a terrier with an attitude.

I love that they can communicate.  They talk, bark, snort, sneeze or cough to get their point across. And they have an opinion about most everything.

So, I was super excited this week to have the opportunity to photograph two terriers.

Check out these two little scruffy girls who are now the beautiful cuties that they love to be. There is something about terriers that they love to be cleaned up and feel pretty.

Introducing one of our newbies, Macy!


Okay, we can all be honest here, we were actually calling her Scruffy Girl during her freedom ride.  This girl was rough on the eyes.  But, we didn’t mention that to her.  She smiled her little underbite smile all the way to her foster home.

Her foster Mom quickly got her in with a groomer and she was Scruffy no more!!  She quickly transformed into a cute terrier mix named, Macy.

This energetic cutie is approximately a year old and about 30 lbs.  She is spayed, heart worm negative and loves kids!  She is 100% lap dog that loves to play and snuggle.  

She is crate, house, and leash trained.  She is quickly picking up on simple commands.  She is going to make a great addition to a family.

If you are interested in meeting Macy, please fill out an application at

Our second new little terrier, Kelsey.  Like Macy, she was due for some grooming once she was settled into her foster home.

Kelsey has come into Take Me Home Pet Rescue at no fault of her own. This sweet girl was sadly surrendered at the age of 12 because her human Mom has a terminal illness and can no longer care for her.

Kelsey has been well cared for all of her life. TMHPR has her vet records and she is a healthy girl.
Sad and confused, Kelsey has been in a foster home decompressing for several week.  She loves her foster mom and has begun to adjust to a new life.  And she has received her schnauzer looks again!  It is amazing what a new haircut can do for a sweet schnauzer.
Kelsey’s Foster Mom says she is a breeze. All she needs is a quiet spot on the couch to relax. She has not had an accident in the house, goes outside every time. 
And she will give you a great smile for a treat.
If you are interested in meeting Kelsey, please fill out an application at
Kelsey gets nervous around crowds; therefore, she will be doing introductions privately, not at the weekly Meet & Greets.  We would be happy to work out a time for you to meet her.

For more information regarding our Volunteer run organization, please check out our website or Facebook Page.

And as always, thank you to all those who support our efforts.

And check back soon for some great photos of our fosters enjoying the warm Spring weather!

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