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Meet & Greet is a weekly event that occurs at the TMHPR Adoption Center in Richardson.  It is a time when many of the dogs & cats come in with their fosters and meet prospective adopters.

Here’s what happened this week . . . . August 13th


So, who made it to our Meet & Greet this week?

Lots and Lots of puppies.  Kittens.  And just a few big dogs.


Francis was in the house meeting people and learning that life can be pretty great when on new adventures.  He is a beautiful boy who has amber eyes that match his nose.  He is looking for a family who will give him time to trust them and then he is the most loyal boy ever.

Redford was there watching over Beckham, Carolina and Stella.  This boy has such a mothering/fathering instinct.  He was found in South Dallas with our boy Hobbs (nka Pickle). This boy is “the best dog”.  That is a quote from his foster mom.  He is a great size and deserves the very best.


Lincoln & Ernie joined us this week as well.  And our official Kid Dog Tester (Quinn) became our Kid Kitten Tester too.  Seems Lincoln & Ernie passed . . . they loved playing with Quinn.

And Beckham was there to give out puppy cuddles.  His new Mama can’t wait for their home visit.  This boy is going to be so loved and have a running partner in his new Dad.


And all of our volunteers loved our Pokemon puppies!!

Here is sweet and SO VERY SMART Chansey.  She cuddled, snuggled and worked her way into her new family’s heart.  We are hoping that a home visit this week with the resident dog will go well.  This sweet girl & all of her siblings deserve a fabulous family.

Next week Meet & Greet at the Adoption Center will focus on the cats & kittens of TMHPR. Marmalade should be giving birth to her babies this week!  Follow her story on her very own Facebook Page!


With kittens, it means we need to stock up on the kitten food, milk replacement, toys and well, more toys.  You can find a very special Amazon Wish List just for our kitten shower, Cupcakes with Kittens.

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Our dogs will be at an event benefiting Richardson AnimalLuv.  Come our and enjoy the activities with your dog!  And meet some of our active dogs who are ready for adoption.

And a thank you to all of our followers who help TMHPR.  Sharing our posts, blogs and newsletters is the #1 way to reach adopters for our dogs and cats.

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