May 8th: Puppy Pupdate

Pupdate (4)

So, it’s a Sunday night and you are trying to forget that work awaits you in the morning . . .  So, how about we giving you just a few more moments of TMHPR puppy dog cuteness . . . . here is what our cuties did this weekend in Richardson, Texas.

Benson13177427_10100418604675097_4841786846108397292_nSo, every foster puppy loves a chance to play with Mattie. Yep, that is Mattie there with the white line down her face.  She is foster sister to Rosalie . . . she and her Mama taught Rosalie how to be a puppy after having 10 puppies in a TMHPR foster home.

Now Benson was sprung from the Adoption Center on Friday to have a little fun this weekend. This sweet puppy has been waiting for a permanent foster home for over a week in a kennel at the Adoption Center.

13178849_10100418604625197_8930735052028840277_nRosalie taught him that the pool that the foster mom bought this week is great for a fresh drink of water.


Benson is about 4 months old and is a gangly puppy who is learning to use these long legs.  He is a sweet, loving boy who is most likely part Great Pyrenees.  He is an easy going pup who has learned this weekend that being in a loving home is pretty awesome.  Coming from the streets, living under a house, he is learning that being in a home is pretty great.


He has been slaying dinosaurs, not trying to survive.  That is how a puppy’s life should be.  No worries.



Our beautiful Rosalie has been taught by Mattie that the best seat outside is on the table.  Is she not beautiful?  This sweet girl gave into rescuers once she knew her puppies would be coming soon.  Now she is loving life, trusts humans and wants a family of her own.


On Saturday night, Picasso headed over to Four Bullets.  He loved the live music, brisket and maybe even snagged a bit of a taste test from an unsuspecting patron, when no one was looking.  He loves outings with his foster family.


Picasso is looking for a Forever Family who will take him on outings and understands that he is a BIG lapdog.  A tummy rub, a walk or two a day and lots of love is all he needs.  And maybe some big boys who he can mess with and they will mess with him right back.


This adorable BIG boy has been through so much.  He was a favorite at DAS, who they had named Herman.  Saved just before his EU date, it was found that he had a heart condition, one heart surgery later and he is ready for his “Happily Ever After”.

Marlee’s Puppies


Harleigh is an adorable fuzzy puppy who has moved to a new foster home.  She met so many families this weekend at the Meet and Greet.  She is hoping her Forever Family comes to find her soon.


Her brother Kenji is also hoping his Forever Family is looking for him.  He is an adorable and smart puppy who is going to love having a family of his own.


Then there is Blue.  He has gone to live with Tugger of Tuggertails.  He is in for some intense training.  He is a very smart boy that will be great in puppy manners classes or even agility.  He has a great future ahead of him.

Lastly, we want to say thank you to the “kids” who help their parents volunteer.  It is amazing what our children learn when the parents give their time to “do good”.


Young college boys using their Saturday to help acquire a donated dryer.  Do you know how many loads of laundry we do a day at TMHPR?!  Bedding, towels, toys and lots of blankets to make the dogs comfortable.


Learning about making the world a better place starts early.  These young boys learn that homeless puppies need a place to stay safe until a Forever Family can be found. What a lesson of a giving heart they are learning from their parents!

Such cuteness and love awaiting loving adoptive families.  We could not do any of this without the team of donors, volunteers and fosters.  For more about TMHPR, please follow, re-tweet and share from our social media.  Shares result in adoptions and donations.  Sharing is the cheapest and easiest thing you can do for our dogs and cats in need of Forever Homes in the Dallas and Richardson areas.

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