May 6, 2016 – Pupdate – Pups Love An Outing

Pupdate (3)

Sometimes we have dogs/puppies who end up at the Adoption Center longer than we would like for them to be there.  What started out at decompression or healing from an illness has turned from days and into weeks of waiting for a foster home.  This is no life for a dog.  So, our volunteers love to plan outings for these pups.

When this is the case, there are no available fosters, then we do the best we can for the dogs. Lots of walks, plenty of dog puzzles & toys and outings for them to escape the four walls of the Adoption Center to soak up some sun and much needed socializing.


On Wednesday, one of our fosters/volunteers who works at BlueCross BlueShield of Texas let us know that they were encouraging their employees to walk during lunchtime at the Galatyn Woodland Preserve, just next to the BlueCross BlueShield of Texas campus in Richardson.  So, we thought it would be an awesome opportunity to visit a wonderful neighbor in our community and offer some stress relief for their employees who were out enjoying the beautiful day.

Benson and Marlee were the two dogs selected as Ambassadors for this trip.  Benson, a 4 month old Great Pyrenees Mix puppy found living under an abandoned home, no identification, and needing medical attention was perfect for the job.  Marlee, a heeler/corgi mix who has been back at the Adoption Center after weaning her puppies, loves a long walk, so she was quick to raise a paw for the outing.


Both dogs LOVED the experience.  They enjoyed sniffing out little critters, practicing their leash work and meeting new people.  Marlee has learned that dogs are not to be feared, but they can be great playmates.  And humans, well there are nice ones out there who love on you and give you fabulous treats.


Both pups had a great time with each other.  They played chase, mouthed each other as they walked for some fun and enjoyed laying in the cool dirt before heading back to the Adoption Center.



Benson and Marlee both stopped to check out the nearby fountain.  It is so important for these young dogs to experience so many sights and sounds as they prepare for their Forever Home.  They have not had an enriched puppy life, so our volunteers work so very hard to have them conquer uncertainties and fears.

IMG_3631When these sweet dogs returned to their kennels, awaiting them was a homemade frozen treat.  Our volunteers have begun making frozen yogurt treats with baby food such as bananas or pumpkin.  They LOVE such treats and it keeps their mind busy.

Benson chooses to eat his right away and then begins a nice long nap.  Marlee, well she chooses to bury hers in her bedding for later . . . . and nap?  Not yet.  She only went about 2 miles.  She still had another 2 miles in her before she was tired.  (She is looking for a human running buddy in her Forever Home.)


Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) wants to thank BlueCross BlueShield of TX for welcoming us to the trail.  And we want to thank our volunteers who continue to love on the dogs who wait for their Forever Homes.  We have so many opportunities for volunteers.  If you want to know more about TMHPR, please visit our website or any of our social media accounts.

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