May 31st: Happy Update – Tink

So, we have received so many questions and had inquiries about our adorable little family!!

This update has been formulating in my head, just haven’t found the time to put the words together or gather all of the cute photos that have been taken by volunteers.  But, you don’t want to hear all of the whys and why nots . . . . you want the update already!!

Tink & Babies

You remember Tink, right?  Tiny little Mama girl who was dropped off at a rural South Dallas shelter covered in fleas, feces and completely emaciated?  Well if not, you can see the story here on a prior blog post.

Well, there is good news . . . . our little family has been at the Adoption Center for about three weeks and they are thriving!!!  They are fat, roly poly, feisty little bits of LOVE!

Oh, don’t worry, being at the Adoption Center means lots of visitors and lots of activity.  And we can keep a close eye on their weight, social progress and medications.

Photo above is one of the 1st photos we have of all three babies (l to r) Mo, Bitty & Teenie all sleeping together on their backs.  Due to their tiny size and lack of “fat” on their little bodies, we had to keep the temperature in the ISO room a bit warmer and used a warming bed under their linens.

Bitty was the smallest of the surviving pups and she gave us a good scare the first night.  We don’t believe she would have survived even one night in a shelter.  Our volunteers made sure she stayed warm and fed.  Poor Tink didn’t have the milk supply.

Mama Tink

Oh LAWD, this girl has come into her own; and has learned that attention and being held is her favorite thing in the whole world.  Well, maybe chicken first and then being held.  Or better yet, hold her while you let her eat chicken!!

Tink is a wonderful mother, but every mother gets cabin fever.  And Tink loves time out exploring and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air in her stroller.

Why a stroller?  Well, for the 1st two weeks, Tink was not well enough to have her vaccinations.

She was barely 5 lbs and needed time to gain some weight, rehydrate and recover from a sinus infection.  So, we were very careful with her and would only take her out in the stroller.

During this particular trip she enjoyed an outing to Fuzzy’s.  Chicken tacos are her favorite.
But she always returned to her puppies to keep them warm, and provide them a good meal.

Tink also enjoyed time with me in the photo studio.  Some days we would work on the computer, some days just cleaning up . . . Tink didn’t care, as long as we were together, and she could check on her babies, ever so often.  No one could tell her that bully stick may be a bit much for her!

In the photo below, you can see how her milk has come in!  She has had some of the best nutrition due to our donations.  Nature’s Recipe that has some amazing chicken and gravy formula has been her favorite.

We are so excited to share that Tink has had her first round of shots and is heartworm negative!!

She also has an approved adopter!  A family member, of one of our fosters fell in love with Tink while reading her first blog post.  This little girl has hit the jackpot as far as Forever Families go!!

But, first she & her babies will move to a Foster Home tomorrow!  The babies will be weaned and a spay appointment will be set up for sweet Tink!  No more puppies, ever!!

The Babies:  Teenie, Bitty & Mo

Oh, and an update on these sweet little bits of love.  I mean have you ever seen something so tiny, that is so cute?

Well, how do we adequately explain their small size?  Does the little chipmunk toy help?
He is one of those little chipmunks that goes in the log toy.

The babies are tiny and quite hard to tell apart in photos.  Mo, is the largest, and has a more cream color to him.

See what I mean by hard to tell them apart in photos?

Teenie and Bitty are almost identical, except Teenie has a black nose (above & most likely below) and Bitty has a brown nose.

They are tiny and fragile, however, quite feisty.

These babies love to play.  We believe that Tink is a Yorkie/Maltese mix.  And most likely they were backyard breeders because babies look to be the same as Mom.  And they must have had a tiny Daddy.

Time to Move to a Foster Home

These babies have had the best time getting strong and learning that people are pretty great. And that spoiling is the new normal for all of them!

And they will continue with the same treatment as they enter the “real world” and a foster home.

We thank EVERYONE who has helped Tink & her babies on their journey.  So many rescuers, volunteers and donors who make this happen.

Oh, and Sweet Firefly who makes pup cones . . . . . Tink approves!

These guys are going to have AWESOME LIVES, thanks to all of those for helping!  Couldn’t do it without each and every one of you!

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