May 22nd: Donations Needed – Pleas for Help

We don’t often use our blog to ask for donations.
We prefer to tell stories in this space.
However, we have reached a critical point with our medical bills that we are asking for any and all help financially for some of our largest medical cases.

You see we have already taken in 135 homeless pets during 2017.  We are on pace to surpass all prior years.  But, we can’t continue this rescue pace without the funds to pay our medical bills.

Currently, Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) averages over $15,000 a month in medical bills. This includes some very severe street dog cases that we have taken in and experienced very high medical bills.

1st Razoo:  Jade

Jade & her puppies almost froze to death early in 2017, as Jade gave birth to 9 puppies in the freezing cold.  Rescuers in the South Dallas Area were able to get there and save two of the babies.  Jade quickly went into a trap for them, and she too was rescued.  Jade’s Story can be read in full by clicking on her photo below.

Jade is currently, at the time of this blog post still $1,422 away from what TMHPR needs to cover all of her medical bills.  The donations have come in for her; however, she just had so many medical needs.  This sweet and loving girl needed to be treated for heart worms and needed hip surgery to allow her to live a pain free, happy life that she deserves.

2nd Razoo:  Dyson

This adorable boy was found by The Street Dog Project.  It took them several weeks to trust his rescuers enough to have a leash draped carefully around his neck.

Once brought to rescue, he just laid in the kennel for 48 hours.  He was so tired, from running on the streets that he needed to sleep.  He had to learn to trust our volunteers enough to eat and walk on a leash.  His canine teeth are all worn down from what we assume was long periods of being crated and trying to escape.

Dyson was completely matted, to the point we did not know his gender, until enough hair had been cut away.  In the mats were a collection of items that can only be gathered over years.

Pieces of metal, grass, feces and even a brillo pad was found to be matted in his hair.  All causing discomfort and reduced his mobility.  Dyson was also, not surprisingly, heartworm positive.  We are looking to raise $420 to complete his vetting.  Dyson’s razoo can be found by clicking one of his photos or here.

3rd Razoo:  Grace

Our beautiful girl, Grace was saved from a yard in Dowdy Ferry.  She was lying there among the trash heaps, unable to move.  Her story was told on our blog back in April.  You can find it by clicking her cover photo below.


She was going to be a medical nightmare, we knew.  But, she didn’t deserve to suffer and die in this horrible place.  So, we took her on, knowing our followers would help.  Her Razoo is one of our larger ones, but we know we have donors who will help, every little bit helps.  We need $1,903 to cover the remaining medical cost

It took Grace months to recover.  Our volunteers and fosters have loved her back to health. Now we are asking for help to pay the vet bills.  To see her Razoo, please click her photo below.

4th Razoo:  Buttercup

So, get ready . . . . . this is our doozie . . . yep, Buttercup was the Mama to all of those, nothing short of ADORABLE, Ben & Jerry puppies.  These babies somehow, miraculously survived their first few weeks in an horrific abandoned home.  Buttercup had been on the streets for years in this neighborhood.  Her 1st litter all disappeared, either died or became street dogs.  Her 2nd litter was rescued by another organization; however, she was trapped and neighborhood kids let her out, before she could be rescued.  So, the 3rd time, she was ready to go.

All of the puppies have been adopted, but Buttercup still remains in her loving foster home, where she is learning what it is like to trust humans and be safe from all harm.

Sadly, Buttercup needs a TPLO surgery.

This is very much like have ACL repairs in humans.  A tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy, is a surgery performed on dogs to stabilize the stifle joint after ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligament.  This surgery is needed on both knees to rid her of the pain caused from living years on the streets of East Dallas.  Each knee will cost $3,500.

We have a very generous anonymous donor who has agreed to match the first $3,500, dollar for dollar.  Meaning, if we can raise the funds for the 1st knee, the 2nd knee is on her!

We need to raise $2,870, at the time this blog was written!

To see Buttercup’s full story, please click on her photos above.  Or here.  The need is great, but we know the generosity of those who love animals is greater!

Again, this is not the fun part of rescue . . . . the bills that come with helping the helpless.  But, we know we have the support of so many behind us!

You can give through a particular Razoo.  All links are above.

You can go to our website and give through the Donate button on the Home Page.  This is secure through Paypal.  You need not have a Paypal account.  You can use your credit card. Please note in the comments section which animal you would like to donate toward and we will add it to their Razoo.

Or you can mail or bring by a check.  Please let us know which animal(s) you would like to help with your donation and we will add it to their Razoo.

Address:  TMHPR; 561 W Campbell, Suite 303; Richardson, TX 75080

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

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