May 1st: Budget Truck Rental First Sponsor

We are so excited!!!

Budget Truck Rental is our first sponsor!

You know the song . . . The Pointer Sisters . . .
I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you

Well we are so excited to have Budget Truck Rental of Richardson on our team!  These guys have given us a GREAT rate on our weekly truck rental AND even came out to help us unload on Friday!
Have you ever seen guys THROW around 40 lb bags of cat litter . . . . oh yes, they did!!

What does it mean?

Well, it means we get a great rental truck at a great price, so we can continue to pick-up our weekly donations.

On Friday mornings, you can find our volunteers at Dock 70 at the chewy distribution center loading up pallets of donated goods.  Yes, EVERY FRIDAY MORNING.

Anywhere between 20 – 30 pallets of goods — a week.

We tear the pallets down, load them and hit the road, because we have sharing to do.  This is our way of reaching out to the community and sharing our good fortune of these amazing donated items.

Next:  Unloading

So, about Noonish you will find a whole new crew of TMHPR volunteers ready to meet the Budget Truck to unload and sort.  You see we only have a short time to get the food sorted, before the invited area rescue organizations arrive to take what they need.

Week by week, we get this process down to a science.  Or maybe an art form.

We have signs.
We have spreadsheets.
We have a needs list.
We have a wish list.
And it slowly all comes together.

Final Step:  Loading the Cars

This is the best part . . . . rescues arrive and they can’t believe what they see!

The Dallas Cat Lady

We block off parking spots.  We load the cars until they can’t hold anymore.

And then the next rescue arrives.

Road Trip 4 Paws

And then the next . . .

Helping Seniors Keep Their Pets

And we keep calling rescues until we run out of food, kitty litter and many other products.

Bishop from Take Me Home Pet Rescue

Our weekly out of pocket costs average $150 a week to rent the truck and refill it with gas.  In addition we need to keep these wonderful volunteers who donate their day energized. It runs approximately $150 for lunch to feed 20+ volunteers.  

It is truly a labor of love; however In order to continue to provide this outreach, we need some help to offset expenses.  We’ve negotiated a discounted rate for the truck, but cannot continue to incur this expense weekly without additional help.

We are looking for additional sponsors, individuals or companies.  Donations to help offset this cost are tax-deductible and can easily be made through our website.

In the end, it is all about this . . . .

Foster animals getting the nutrition they need.  Whether underweight, heartworm positive or simply waiting for their Happy Beginning, the food helps them be prepared for that Forever Family.

Cody’s Friends

Fosters and Rescue Organizations can put money toward their medical bills, instead of food and supplies.

Cody’s Friends

Partnerships, sponsorships and donations help make this happen.

Cody’s Friends

For more information on this Community Outreach Program,

  • How your rescue can participate,
  • How you can help sponsor the truck rental
  • How you can help sponsor the light lunch
  • How you can volunteer to load, drive or unload

Please email us at

We will have more information about our Community Outreach Program on our website very soon.

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