May 19, 2016: Pupdate – Rosalie Learns to be a Puppy

There has been so much discussion in Dallas area regarding the South Dallas/Dowdy Ferry issue with stray/dumped dogs.  As there should be.  This area is littered, daily, with dead animals found in trash bags.  Others are dumped there to fend for themselves.  Hiding in the wooded areas, avoiding dog fighting traps, looking for a way to survive.

Five months ago we were able to take in three of these dogs on the same day.  Here is their blog story.  Little did we know that we were saving 13 lives that day.

Both Jordan and Rylie were adopted into awesome Dallas homes where they are loved and cherished.  But, Mama Rosalie, the first to take the help from the rescuers offer to get in the car, is still waiting for her Forever Home.

ROSALIE:  Mom to the Powerball Puppies

Powerball Puppies Blog

Just days after being rescued from the streets of South Dallas, Rosalie gave birth to 10, yes 10, adorable puppies.  Can you imagine the fate of these babies if they had been born in a wooded are of South Dallas?  Sick, Injured and dead.

Rosalie was a very young Mom.  We believe her to be just a little more than a year old now. So, she had some learning to do.  Learning how to be a puppy.

Rosalie BlogRosalie moved into Mattie’s foster home.  Mattie is a former TMHPR puppy.  And Mattie loves to teach her foster pups how great life can be.  Mattie taught Rosalie that the patio table is the best place to view the world.  Rosalie loves to watch Mattie play, enjoy coffee with her Foster Mom or sun right in this spot.

Rosalie has had to learn to love to be outdoors.  To her, outdoors was a very dangerous life for her.  So, it has been a transition to know that Foster Mom will return when she goes inside AND she will not be stuck outside.  Outside is fun.

Recently Rosalie has watched Mattie play in a sprinkler.  Rosalie could not figure out why Mattie loved to bite and the water and jump through the spray, that is until recently.


Sweet & loving Rosalie has learned that the sprinkler is pretty freaking awesome!!  One of the best things about fostering is watching the dogs grow into the best puppies they can be.

Rosalie is waiting for her forever home.  She would do best in a home with another friendly dog who loves to play.  She would like someone home more than not and would love a sprinkler to call her own.  For more information about Rosalie, please visit our website at

Chance:  Last Powerball Puppy

Chance is the last of the 10 Powerball Puppies to find his Forever Home.  We believe that his laid back personality has led him to be the last pup selected.  He would be fabulous in a home or apartment.  Kids or no kids.  He is well trained and loves to do tricks for treats.  He would love for his Forever Family to find him soon!


Pupdate:  Cowboy

Remember this little guy?  Cowboy came to TMHPR when he was found abandoned at about 3 weeks old out in the country.  We were very lucky that a nursing mom allowed him to join her litter while they were still nursing.

Cowboy’s adorable face helped TMHPR collect puppy food for him and MANY other puppies who have been raised by our fosters.

2015-10-23 15.58.23

Here is Cowboy today!

Is he not GORGEOUS??!!  He is trying on his bow tie for his Mom’s wedding this coming weekend.  Thank you to everyone who helps us feed, house, vet and save these wonderful puppies.  They grow into wonderful & beloved family pets.


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