May 18th: Sierra Settles In

Sierra checking in from my Foster Home!
So many of you have asked how I am doing!!  Thank you so much for asking!!

You know being a family dog is so very different than a street dog . . . . Let me tell you what I’ve learned living here . . . .

After one week with the Hudspeth pack, here is what I have learned so far . . . .

1. When mom puts on her tennis shoes, get excited! It means we are going for a walk. I love walking with my pack.

2. When we get to corners, mom says “wait” and we don’t cross until she says “okay”.

3. I don’t need to growl at Tess and Banner when they go by my food bowl, they’re not going to try to eat it.  (And guess what, there is always more food in this home!  Not like on the streets!)

4. If I eat all my breakfast and dinner, I get a crunchy biscuit!

5. I love to wrestle with Banner! It is so fun; but when he is done, he is done!

6. Tess does not like to wrestle . . . EVER . . . . Like Never.  Her Loss.

7. If I stand at the back door someone always lets me out, and now I get to go out without being on a leash!

8. I’m kinda getting the hang of sit. You get a treat when you do.

9. When I let someone put my leash on, I get a bite of salami! Yum!

10. The only thing I don’t understand is why nobody let’s me near the front door unless I have a leash on. Hmmm. Can’t figure that one out.

11. When dad comes home from work, I get really excited. He is my very favoritest!!!

12. Other than #10, this place is pretty cool.  Cause I would really like to see what is outside that front door . . . . without that silly leash.  But, I guess I won’t.

Gotta go . . . . Mom is calling . . . . it is “sit and biscuit time” again.

Coming Up:  Heartworm Treatment

Oh, and I am supposed to start this heartworm treatment next week.  Elise and my Foster Mom need to raise some money for that.  They say it will be “spensive” and I will have to be real still and quiet for 30 days after.  And I won’t feel so good.  That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.  🙁

But, they wanted me to see if you could help out with the “spensive” part.  Just visit our website and click on the Donate button.  It is through Paypal, but you can pay with your card too.  Just put a note in there that it is for “getting rid of my heart’s worms” or something.  Then we can afford to make me well!  Thank you so very much!

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