May 18, 2016 – Pupdate: Abandoned Blind Puppy

Abandonment seems to be all we see in animal rescue.

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Abandoned on country roads.  Abandoned in shady neighborhoods.  Abandoned in the shelters.  Humans abandoning helpless and innocent animals where they are hit by cars, trapped by dog fighters to use as bait or just walked away from because you changed your mind and don’t have the time, money or want to take care of the animal you committed to love for a lifetime.

This one is personal . . .  this one is tiny . . . this one is blind . . .


Monday morning, this is what Richardson Animal Services’ staff walked up on as they came into work.  A tiny puppy and his teddy bear, left at the door, all alone.


Who leaves a 5 week old puppy all on his own, hoping he doesn’t wobble out into traffic, before he is discovered?  And why abandon him before the doors open?  We will most likely never know.

But, when it was found that the puppy was blind, it became inexcusable.  Drop a puppy off all alone, who can’t see his surroundings?  Plucked from his Mom and siblings way too early, as a cast off because he cannot see.


The fabulous staff jumped into action to help this little guy.

Who did they call?  Elise Bissell, Founder and President of Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) And in less than 24 hours this little guy had been vetted and was in a temporary foster home, decompressing.


Meet Axelrod, we call him Axe for short.  He is named for one of the most powerful characters on the television show Billions.  And Axe is going to need all of his strength to make it through his illness.


After a fecal test, it was determined he had Coccidia.  Coccidia is a disease that causes terrible diarrhea.  His fosters have to watch his water intake, formula intake and output must be noted as well.  Noting if he is still urinating or if there is blood in his stool.


You see, Axe is about the size of a beanie baby, weighing only 3 lbs.  He cuddles with his teddy bear and other stuffed toys to feel as if he is still sharing a bed with his litter mates.  He can’t use a normal crate as the plastic is hard when he bumps into it.  And it has been found that he can accidentally shut the door, not being able to get back into his bed.


The vet has determined that Axe can most likely see just a little bit.  Maybe light and shadows right in front of his face.  It does not appear that he has peripheral vision and he does bump into things.  But, he is using his other senses to compensate for his lack of eyesight.


Axe is a feisty boy who really doesn’t know he is missing out on eyesight.  He is a determined little guy who is just adorable and has the best puppy breath!


Axe is looking for a permanent foster.  One who is home more than not.  And someone who understand his needs as a puppy who is sight challenged.  He will need a patient pack to learn from and eventually adopters who will love him forever.

TMHPR takes in the tough cases.  It is one of the many things we are known for.  Hurt, injured, sick, scared, weary or disabled . . . if TMHPR has the room, we will take them.  If we don’t have the room, we do everything they can to squeeze them in . . . find the room . . . find the experts to help these animals.

We can’t do this without the continued support of our donors.  It is with their support we are able to take the babies into our care and get them well.  We appreciate all that is given in the way of Paypal, Razoo, checks or in kind donations.


Recently, we lost one of the vets that we rely on for intake exams, vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures.  This has severely crippled our intake process and placed a financial burden on TMHPR as we work to partner with a new vet.

If you know of a vet in our area looking to partner with a growing rescue, please contact us at, we are on a search for a vet, clinic or animal hospital who can partner with us and grow their business at the same time.

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6 thoughts on “May 18, 2016 – Pupdate: Abandoned Blind Puppy”

  • I’m from PA and saw the story of Ax and was wondering do you do out of state adoptions .We just lost our dog who was blind and feel for Ax they can live a wonderful like even with out sight.

  • I was at the Pet Expo yesterday and there was a booth with a newish product called Muffin’s Halo. It’s made for blind dogs so they won’t bump into things. Pretty ingenious. Go to to see. Don’t know the price but I would contribute towards one for Axe. The person I spoke to was Randy Ball 214-729-6212. Check out their website !

  • Interested in adopting Axelrod please send me information and can I apply online or does it have to be I person I live in Oklahome I have had a blind dog before so I am familiar with his needs

    • Hey there! We do sometimes approve out-of-state adoptions on a case by case basis. I’d recommend filling out our online adoption application first so that our adoption team knows you are interested, then from there we can discuss our options. Thanks!

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