May 17th: Meet Martin

Meet one of our newest kitties from the streets of Dallas, Martin.  He was befriended by a Good Samaritan, and they contacted Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) to see if we had a foster who could take him in.

Welcome, Martin!  Come in & Relax.

So many times we talk about an animal coming into rescue and decompressing.  It is so important that we give these animals time and a quiet place to just gather themselves, nourish their bodies and physically rest.

The foster’s recent photos of Martin settling in captured this process so well.

Martin is in her “foster cat” room where he is safe and the energy is very calm.  Fosters always start out wide-eyed and curious about their surroundings.

Is it safe here?  What are these things called toys?

Beginning to Relax

After just a few hours Martin began to relax.  A predictable schedule, routine, sights and sounds become a part of the new life.  And things aren’t so scary anymore.

How quickly he learns that he can relax and watch the world go by.  Birds and squirrels are just as fun to watch, but so much safer from behind the glass.

He is just absolutely beautiful.  This BIG boy is going to make a beautiful addition to a family.

Lots of Sleep

Dogs and cats taken directly from the streets do a lot of sleeping.  Martin has been no different.

Snoozing without a worry in the world.  That is what is great about being rescued.

Wake up, stretch.  Make some biscuits . . . and do it all again.

Martin figured out that napping on foster mom is a pretty fabulous gig as well.

Safe From the Weather

As this morning’s storms rolled through, it seems to really be sinking into this sweet cat’s brain . . . .

He would never be caught in a rainstorm again!

It is ONLY because of our fosters . . . . that we can take them in and change their lives.


Martin will be available for adoption very soon.  We will continue to learn his personality, continue his vetting and helping him adjust to life “on the inside”.  However, based on these photos, that adjustment has pretty much happened.

Please visit our website to find out about fostering or adopting.  We love having volunteers join our organization as well!  There is always an Orientation just around the corner!

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