May 15, 2016 – Popper Pupdate

Popper Slider

Look who was out and about in Richardson yesterday!!  POPPER!!

This sweet young girl was pulled from the Mesquite Shelter by one of our young fosters when she noticed that this black beauty was the last of her litter to be adopted.  She was the only baby left, and she knew that Popper already had two strikes against her in a shelter (all black dog and a “pibble mix”), so she scooped her up and headed home, determined to find her a forever home.

And we are so glad she did!  Popper is going to make a fabulous family member!


The weather was gorgeous yesterday for an outing.  Popper is a great size and has a great temperament for outings.  So, one of our fabulous volunteers loaded her up for a car ride.  Off to the Farmers Market in Richardson.  Her favorite booth, the Brazos Valley Cheese stand.


It was then time to run some errands.  New plants for the yard . . .. Popper is up for the challenge of shopping and greeting those she meets.  Lots of great stores allow you to take your four-legged friends with you to shop.  Popper was happy to join in the fun as patrons loved on her and told her how gorgeous her coat was in the sunlight.


Okay, one more stop, Hollywood is a favorite stop for any of our TMHPR dogs.  This was the case for Popper as well.  Here she is on the counter checking out the treats and getting lots of love! She is thinking that it may be time for a nap soon.  All of this shopping is hard work on a young girl!


One last stop for this girl in the fun Fiat.  For all of her work, being the TMHPR Ambassador for the day, she is presented with her own ice cream cone.  Being an ambassador is hard work for a little girl.

Sadly, it was back to the Adoption Center for this little girl after a day of fun.  She had dinner and slept soundly in her kennel and dreamed of more adventures.

We are hoping Popper finds her Forever Family very soon.  She is a little girl who has a whole lot of love to give.  For more information about adopting Popper, or how you become a volunteer with TMHPR, please visit our social media links below.

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