May 11th: Because Every Pet Deserves a Loving Home

This one is personal.  This story.  This pet.
This day I will recount in this public space.
I will attempt to not cuss.

I always feel like I need to say this up front when I know a Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) blog is, for some reason, going to be more from “me” the writer than the rescue as an entity.

But, it has a happy ending.  Or a happy beginning, so stick it through.  We have to stick it through the tough times to see the happy beginnings.

Call for Help

So, it was Tuesday.  And I get a call from a friend, who also happens to be an ACO at a nearby rural shelter.  She usually will send a text, send a photo, but calls during work are a rarity.  In fact, I don’t think she has called me before.  Here is what she sent me, then called.

Owner Surrender:  Tiny Mom and three even tinier 4 week old puppies.  All infested with fleas. The other puppy died yesterday.  Clearly fleas took all of the little one’s blood.

They needed help.  More than she had.  Mom was skin & bones.
I could hear her going through cabinets as I listed off immediate needs for them.

Warming bed.  (I have one.  Was her response.)
Puppy milk replacement.  (Multiple cans found, all but 1 expired.  REALLY? was her reply.)
Dawn baths.  (I can do that.  But, they may freeze.)
Hair Dryer (Got one.)

Feces tangled & hanging from Mom’s hair

I was up and moving.  I’m going by the Adoption Center for supplies.  And then I will be there. She started with the milk replacement she had and Dawn baths.

Thank You Chewy

I will tell you, because of our recent relationship with and their weekly donations to rescues in our area, we had so much on hand to help this very small shelter with limited resources save their little lives.  We were able to share what we had on hand, knowing more would be coming our way to refill our shelves.  It has taken away that “helpless” feeling.  We CAN help!

Upon Arrival

this is what I saw.  

That photo is for perspective.  Tink is sitting in a box typically holding a case of printing paper. She is so very tiny.

Her top knot is not a cute little rubber band.  It is matted mud, feces and grass clippings.  She is tired, dehydrated and has all but given up.  But, she is still kind, loving and hopeful.

How is it that they can possibly trust humans still?  How can she know that these women are different, this time?  This I will never understand.

My amazing friend went above and beyond.  Capstar, Dawn bath, cutting out mats, feces, grass.  Trimmed nails and killed fleas.  And through it all, Tink never growled, snipped or snarled.  She knew it was uncomfortable, may hurt, but this was the help she had hoped for, for so long.

Skin & bones, little hair.

Snot bubbles out of her nose.  Spine and ribs protruding.
How does a human being let this happen?

Her family moved away and left her to die in the backyard, was the story.

Blood from the fleas poured off of Mama Tink.

She was moved to a neighbor’s yard where she gave birth.

When one died, they didn’t know what to do, so surrendered them.  The best choice they could have ever made for this sweetheart.

TMHPR couldn’t leave her and her babies.  We would find room.  Somewhere.

Our medical bills are huge, right now.  Who am I kidding?  Bills are always huge.

But, once cleaned up, and fed . . . . off to the vet we went.
Freedom Rides are AMAZING.

Dried blood stained shirt from Tink’s bath. The fleas were slowly killing all of them.

Safety in Rescue

This is the moment Tink relaxed.  At the vet, in a carrier with her babies.

The sigh came and her body melted.

Most of the bugs were gone.  She was warm.  She was safe.  She had food in her tummy.

She needed fluids for dehydration.
She needed an antibiotic shot for the illness.
No preventive shots . . . . too emaciated.
No heartworm test . . . . too dehydrated to get a vein.

She needed rest & calories.

Rescue sucks, some days.
Most days.  We see things we can never unsee.
And we begin to lose hope in humanity.

But, they don’t.  They accept our pets.  They accept our love.  They somehow still trust.

It’s not easy.  It’s not for the faint of heart.
It is the strong being vulnerable.  We are strong for them.

Because at the end of the day, it is so worth it.  These little living beings are so worth it.

So, when we cry as we place a dog or cat in a home, please know it is not because we are sad to see them go.  It is because we are happy for their Happy Beginning.  We lived the hardest part of rescue with them.  And sadly, as we let them go to live their lives, loved . . . . there will be more who need our help.

Because every pet deserves a loving home  . . . .

(Look at that.  I didn’t cuss, not once.)

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5 thoughts on “May 11th: Because Every Pet Deserves a Loving Home”

    • Our adoption fee for puppies are $275 and the adoption fee for adult dogs is $225. This includes the medical services that we have provided the pet – spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, flea and intestinal parasite treatment, a health exam completed by a veterinarian, and more. We have more information on our adoption process on this page:

      We believe that the mom in this litter is a yorkie mix – probably a Yorkie mixed with Poodle or with Maltese. But we are not certain which mix and we can’t make any guarantees. We also don’t know what the puppies are mixed with.

  • What a sad story with a happy ending. I would like to adopt tiny when available. she needs lots love and holding. I can be reached at 214-693-6655 Sandra Corless, candy05011 @

  • First, thank you and TMHPR for all you do to help these helpless animals!!! I get so angry and sad when I see and hear of stories like this! We are all God’s creatures and these animals deserve as much love and dignity as we do! I’m so grateful that Tink and her pups are getting their happy beginning – i had teary eyes all the way through and was full on sobbing when got to the picture of Tink and her babies in the crate when she realized she was not alone any more! I’m sending prayers!

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