May 10, 2016: Pupdate – ISO Forever Homes

Pupdate (5)

The search for Forever Homes never ends.  No matter how many dogs we place there are always more who need saving.  We receive daily requests from owners, shelter workers, volunteers and rescuers who are on the streets every day.  Requests that include . . .

“Please consider taking this one.”

“This sweetheart was dumped at the shelter because they were moving . . . ”

“Her/His owner had to go to assisted living . . . ”

“Family is now homeless . . . ”

Some days the requests are overwhelming.  We know the only way we can save more dogs is to (1) find more fosters or (2) adoptions.

So, let’s see if we can clear our foster homes . . . . wouldn’t that be a great problem to have? Empty foster homes?  We have to go looking for more great dogs to fill them up!!


This is Sophie Renee.  Her Foster Mom gives middle names to all of her foster pups.

She is an adorable girl who has the most fun ears, ever.  She came from another rescue, when her foster was moving out of the area.  She is well trained and is a wonderful companion.  And you can’t beat those amazing markings or that adorable face.


Here is what Sophie would look like on your sofa.

Or even your bed.


How about in your yard?

13100871_10207857519610548_4970623445344525833_nYep, she looks good there too.  Sophie gets along with other dogs and would love to find herself a Forever Home!  Let’s find her that Forever Family.  Adopting would not only save Sophie’s life, but also the life of another homeless dog who could live in this Foster Home.  (See how that works.  Adopting saves 2 lives.)



This is Fitzroy napping.  Fitz loves to play hard and nap even harder.

Fitz has been in a foster home for over a year.  This sweet boy is adored by his Foster Family, but does not fit their lifestyle of going to lots of baseball games, football games, etc.  He is a pocket shepherd who is looking for a family who stays home.


Oh, and he has requested a brother who loves to wrestle.  Or a sister, a sister would work too. Oh, and he said he wants you to know that he loves Doggie Daycare too.  And treats.  I told him no more requests/demands.  He is now pouting.  Cause he loves tennis balls too.



This sad boy is Rhett.  He was sad at this event because his Forever Family didn’t come for him.  This boy is truly a treasure.  He is a hound dog with an A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E terrier face, just like his Mama.


This boy may have his Daddy’s hound dog ears, but I assure you he has his Mama’s heart.  He has been waiting too long for that Forever Home.  Rhett would be a great addition to a family who is home this summer.  And he would love to have a playmate to wrestle, play chase and take naps with.  He is truly ONE OF A KIND.


Blue wants everyone to know that he has a Home Visit this week!  He is telling his foster sister, CC that he is so excited that he may be adopted!  See doesn’t look impressed with his shouting & singing.

Blue would like you to know that his brother, Kenji, sister, Harleigh and mother Marlee are all still looking for their Forever Homes.  This puppies and a young mother will make great additions to active homes.





So, now you know who is ready for their Forever Homes . . . . how can you help?

Share, Share, Share . . . . their stories and their need for a Forever Home.  They are all fabulous dogs who deserve a wonderful life.  For more information about them, other dogs we have available, or more about TMHPR, please visit our Social Media sites.

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