MariAnne – Her Journey to a Forever Home

Would you like to meet MariAnne?

I don’t know how many volunteers have spoken these words to visitors at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) since Christmas.  It is something you ask because you want potential adopters, potential fosters and potential donors to know what it means to truly rescue a dog.  What it looks like and feels like.

You have to “see” to understand how far she has come.  How much she has blossomed.  And how her trusting humans again is an amazing feat.

Marianne is a 3-4 year old medium size dog who we believe looks most like a flat coat retriever/aussie mix (our best guess) who is about 40 lbs.

Sweet MariAnne was brought in on Christmas night with her five puppies who were only weeks old.  Animal advocates had worked long hours to rescue her from her horrible living conditions.

You see, MariAnne was one of about 50 dogs (all unaltered) that were being kept in a horrible hoarding situation.  She was kept in an area that resembled a pig sty.  She shared this pen with 4 unaltered males.  And her only food source were table scraps thrown over the wall.

MariAnne spent her days fighting for food to nourish her body in order to feed her puppies.  And she also had to fight to protect her puppies from the males that shared her small living space.

So, it was no surprise that MariAnne came to TMHPR a very scared and protective Mama.  But, you do not see that dog anymore.  She is still cautious of new people, but she knows the world can be a safe and secure place.


MariAnne still remains at the Adoption Center as she has learned to adapt to a normal life.  She is now confident on walks and her hair has grown in over the scars on her face.  She plays fetch with the volunteers; and loves to play with other dogs who come through the adoption center.  

This is one of my favorite pics of MariAnne.  She looks so serious as she plays the role of backseat driver.  She loves her car rides to the bank and the vet — she collects the treats and won’t eat them until she is back at the Adoption Center.

MariAnne is looking for her forever home.  Someone who will be kind, loving, but continue her training.


If you believe you are the right forever home for MariAnne, please go to the TMHPR website and fill out an Adoption Application.

If you are willing to foster MariAnne until her forever home is found, the same website has the Foster Application.  Submit your information to help care for this sweet girl.

Want to Donate to MariAnne’s care?  MariAnne’s care includes food, treats, vaccinations and spay surgery.  Can you help with this cost?  Donating is fast and easy with our Donate button on the website.  A quick push of the button can make a huge difference in MariAnne’s life.

Stay up to date on MariAnne’s story and check back here for updates.


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